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Anonymous Lender I, London
Objects: Two Scales for Weighing Gold Coins

Anonymous Lender II, West Midlands, UK
Objects: Sisson's Beam Compass by Adams, Waywiser, Engine-Turned Silver Box Sextant, Early Brass Sextant by Jesse Ramsden, Hydrostatic Balance, Electrical Demonstration Apparatus

Anonymous Lender III, London
Objects: A Weber Electrodynamometer, c. 1865, Kelvin Multi-Cellular Electrostatic Voltmeter

Anonymous Lender IV, UK
Objects: Model of a Jet Cart, Electrostatic Generator in a Vacuum, 'Gun-Barrel' Theodolite, Electrostatic Cannon, Electrical Demonstration Apparatus

John Bateman, Yorkshire
Objects: Triangular Compass, The Sumeter, Marquois Scales

John Bradley, Dublin, Ireland
Objects: Collecting Surveying Instruments, Zeiss Level I

Paolo Brenni, Mendrisio, Switzerland
Objects: Skopeo Spark Plug Tester

Ron Bristow, Kent
Objects: Aluminium for Scientific Instruments, Elliott Company History Illustrated by Artefacts

Victor Burness, Kent
Objects: Military Instrument Catalogue, Stanley Surveying Catalogue, Catalogue by Heath & Co.

Marcus Cavalier, Oxfordshire
Objects: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

Jeremy Collins, Oxfordshire
Objects: Three Theodolites

Peter Delehar, London
Objects: Slide Rule on the Rim of a Snuff Box, Reversible Slide Rule, Slide Rules - the original pocket calculators, Ophthalmic Slide Rule, Triangular Slide Rule, American Slide Rule for the Oil Industry, Master for Graduating a Slide Rule, 'Gridiron' Slide Rule, Slide Rule in a Drawing Scale, Circular Slide Rule, Surveyor's Circular Slide Rule, Annular Slide Rule, Slide Rule on a Box Sextant, Early Gunter's Scale

Willem Hackmann, Oxfordshire
Objects: Two Astronomical Magic Lantern Slides

Peter Heering, Oldenburg University
Objects: The Perméomètre Reconstructed

Michael Korey, Dresden
Objects: Angle Divisor

John Lawrence, UK
Objects: Wilson Screw-Barrel Microscope

Jeff Lock, USA
Objects: Boxwood Compass, Hanging Miner's Compass, Boxwood Diptych Dial

Roger Smith, Oxfordshire
Objects: Tent Camera Obscura c. 1825

Stuart Talbot, Germany
Objects: P. & J. Dollond Price List, c. 1775, Instrument Makers' Receipt of 1777, Trade Flyers

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