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26 Ophthalmic Slide Rule

image of Ophthalmic Slide Rule

This possibly unique slide rule was devised by the noted ophthalmologist Dr. Emile Javal (1839-1907) and was used for calculating the prescribing of spectacle lenses. It was made by A. Cretes, 66 rue des Rennes, Paris, in wood, brass and glass with printed-paper scales, and instructions on the reverse.

Javal is considered the father of orthoptics and, although trained as an engineer, he later became the Director of the Ophthalmic Laboratory of the Sorbonne, Paris. He had many famous pupils, including Dr George Joseph Bull (1848-1911) who developed, in 1887, an ophthalmometer which was promoted by Javal and the construction of which was clearly based on this instrument. Also studying under him were Edmund Landholt (1846-1926) and August Schiotz (1850-1927); both went on to develop many popular ophthalmic instruments.

French, ca.1875.

Collection: Peter Delehar, London

Objects lent by Peter Delehar, London:

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