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The exhibition “SIS 25” celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Scientific Instrument Society. It was held at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford from 19 August – 26 October 2008 and presented over 50 historical instruments, ephemera and books from 20 private collections. This website provides a permanent record of a unique event.

This website features:

  • An introduction to the exhibition
  • The exhibition’s lenders, with links to their objects
  • A gallery plan and list of objects featured in the exhibition
  • Thumbnail images of all objects
  • The objects. Each exhibition item has its own page with one or more images (click for bigger versions). Lenders to the exhibition were encouraged to write their own description of their instruments, with the organisers adding information where appropriate. Text in italics is by the lender, whereas text in Roman is by either Peter Delehar (P.D.) or Stephen Johnston (S.J.).
  • Further information on the Scientific Instrument Society
  • Exhibition credits

A record of the actual exhibition installation is also available on an external website. All the installed exhibits can be seen on the photo-sharing website Flickr.