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23 Electrostatic Generator in a Vacuum

image of Electrostatic Generator in a Vacuum

A cylindrical electrostatic machine is mounted in a wooden frame within a bell-jar, and can be rotated by means of the cranked handle. The collector passes through the wall of the bell jar, and the whole apparatus would have been attached to a vacuum pump. It is signed * I Newman * London*. John Frederick Newman (1784-1860) was active between 1812-1856.

A very rare demonstration apparatus to show that an electrostatic machine would operate successfully in a vacuum.

See: Scientific Instrument Society, Bulletin No. 50, September 1996, pp. 11-14.

Private Collection U.K.

This apparatus was almost certainly specially made and may be unique. It is not listed in Newman’s catalogues of 1822 and 1827.


Objects lent by Anonymous Lender IV, UK:

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