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49 Electrostatic Cannon

image of Electrostatic Cannon

An electrostatic cannon signed ‘Thomas Jones 4 Rupert St London’.

The business of Thomas Jones FRS (1775-1852) was continued at this address until 1861.

A fine and large demonstration model of a cannon, which would be charged with a small quantity of gunpowder, or filled with a mixture of hydrogen gas and ignited by a spark from an electrostatic machine.  A cork in the end of the barrel would be forced out by the expanding air.

Private Collection, U.K.

Objects lent by Anonymous Lender IV, UK:

22. Jet Cart, by Frances Watkins?, English, c. 1770

23. Frictional Electrostatic Generator, by John Newman, London, Early 19th Century

44. 'Gun-Barrel' Theodolite, by Jonathan Sisson, London, c. 1740

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