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06 Military Instrument Catalogue

image of Military Instrument Catalogue

image of Military Instrument Catalogue

This 20th-century catalogue of Military Instruments by the London firm of J.H. Steward Ltd is juxtaposed with a telescope by the same firm and a pair of binoculars.

The catalogue is open at a double spread of binoculars which shows the effects of inflation. All the entries have pasted-on printed paper slips announcing new prices and carefully covering the old figures. However, the increased prices of the Zeiss binoculars has been further revised and a red typescript addition announces a general price increase of 20% for this particular manufacturer. The newest sums have been written in by hand in red ink.

Most of the prices in the rest of the catalogue have not been altered, but there is other evidence that the firm was using up old catalogue stock even though it was becoming outdated. A signalling lamp has been overstamped “DISCONTINUED” and there are further pasteovers to announce alterations in instruments to conform with a switch in standard map scales from 1/20000 to 1/25000, as well as the closure of one of their branches for rebuilding works. Such small details could be used to date this catalogue quite precisely.

Collection: Victor Burness, antiques dealer, Kent


Objects lent by Victor Burness, Kent:

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