Image 1 Tycho Brahe and Rudolph II in Prague
Image 2 Detail of Tycho Brahe
Image 3 Detail of the Emperor Rudolph II
Image 4 Diagram of Planetary Aspects
Image 5 Diagram of Planetary Motion
Image 6 Figures Reading in an Upper-level Room
Image 7 Figure with Sextant Attributed to Joost Bürgi
Image 8 Eighteenth-century Quadrant
Image 9 Detail of Tycho's Face
Image 10 Clockwork Celestial Globe
Image 11 Equatorial or Zodiacal Armillary
Image 12 Monk Seated at a Table
Image 13 Monk Standing with a Folio Volume
Image 14 Humboldt and Bonpland in South America
Image 15 Instruments on the Table
Image 16 Astronomical Repeating Circle
Image 17 Engraving of Johannes Kepler
Image 18 Kepler Depicted by C. Barth
Image 19 Engraving of Galileo
Image 20 Portrait of Tycho Brahe in the Bodleian
Image 21 Engraved Portrait by Jacob de Gheÿn
Image 22 Tycho in the Frieze of the Bodleian Library
Image 23 Celestial Globe by Blaeu
Image 24 Tycho Depicted on the Blaeu Globe
Image 25 Frontispiece of Kepler's Rudolphine Tables
Image 26 Equatorial Armillary Instrument
Image 27 Large Quadrant
Image 28 Arcus Bipartitus
Image 29 Parallactic Instrument
Image 30 Portrait of Hevelius in the Bodleian
Image 31 Engraved Portrait of Hevelius
Image 32 Hevelius in his Rooftop Observatory
Image 33 Hevelius with his Wife
Image 34 Hevelius's Rooftop Observatory in Danzig
Image 35 Diagram of the Tychonic Planetary System
Image 36 Royal Society Portrait of John Flamsteed
Image 37 Bodleian Portrait of John Flamsteed
Image 38 Prospectus intra Cameram Stellatam
Image 39 Quadrans Muralis merid: 10 pedum Rad:
Image 40 Fanis Sextantis Posterior 7 ped: Rad:
Image 41 Jacob de Gheÿn Engraving of Tycho
Image 42 The Mural Quadrant of Uraniborg
Image 43 Signature on Apian's Astronomicum Cæsareum
Image 44 The Tychonic System Illustrated in Cellarus
Image 45 Amsterdam Edition of Cellarus
Image 46 Coloured Version of Cellarus's Illustration
Image 47 Detail of Tycho from Cellarus
Image 48 Edward Sherburne's Biography of Tycho
Image 49 Later Engraving Based on Gheÿn
Image 50 Smaller Engraving on the Gheÿn Prototype
Image 51 Joannes Luyts' Astronomica institutio
Image 52 Moxon's Tutor to Astronomy and Geography
Image 53 Equinoctial Sundial and Dialling Instrument
Image 54 Universal Inclining Dial
Image 55 Box of Geometrical Solid Bodies
Image 56 Box of Geometrical Solids Shown Open
Image 57 Empty Instrument Box by George Adams
Image 58 Adams's Shop Sign: Tycho Brahe's Head
Image 59 Medal of Tycho Brahe
Image 60 The Imperial Observatory of Beijing
Image 61 Bipartite Arc from the Beijing Observatory
Image 62 Zodiacal Armillary from Beijing
Image 63 Beijing's Altazimuth Quadrant