Revolutionary – Ravi Sharda

Ravi Sharda The Langley Academy

Ravi Sharda
The Langley Academy

I was inspired to write this poem by how Harry Moseley was a pioneer; he made ground-breaking work in the field of physics. Keeping this in mind I wanted to make my poem unique and completely original, in the sense of experimenting with the English language. So I decided to use a succession of short lines and simple words in order to make as big an impact as possible.


Knows not how
What to do
What to think
Good. Bad. Indifferent
Just go.
With it.
All the way. All the time.
Not yesterday. Not tomorrow.
This moment.
Seize it! Take it! Mould it!
Make it yours.
Not his! Not hers!
But yours.
Because in this world of uniformity
Break the norm
For who else will?

© Ravi Sharda, October 2015

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