Mondays For Moseley Krishan Sharda

Krishan Sharda Langley Academy

Krishan Sharda
The Langley Academy

The time Harry Moseley had spent at war inspired me to produce this piece.  Firstly, as many people were writing about his life within science, I  thought it would  be a good idea to represent him as a human being going through everyday situations as well as the phenomenal scientist. 

Although Harry Moseley had volunteered to join the army, he was forced to be part of the Gallipoli campaign- I attempted to bring across his bitterness towards this. The poem was also a symbol of many soldiers attitudes towards the war; sad, annoyed and frustrated. 

I was wanted to compare his old life to this new one as a soldier referencing his mother and laboratory. I used the theme of missing home and bitterness towards the war to produce this poem incorporating various references to his old life within the piece.   This could be seen as a symbol for many soldiers. One thing about war is that from a football player to a janitor when becoming soldiers no matter their social, cultural or comical situation they are all levelled out as soldiers.

Mondays For Moseley

Sand brushes across my face.

Well, it feels more like a slap, to be frank.

Exhilarating to know, a wrong step could cause the next

To be at heaven’s gates.

I may be surrounded my comrades

But death inhabits this place.

I wonder what mother is doing at this moment.

Well, mother your son is currently perched on a damp rock,

Attempting to operate sand infested equipment.

Not to worry, I am just fine.

How I miss my Oxford Laboratory

Less hot, less brutal,

More passion, more work.

Situations may change.

Politics may change.

The world will change.

Yet my endeavours and relationships in Science will not.

© Krishan Sharda, October 2015

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