Wood Bark Gum

“Cervus, or the Deer ... abounds with abundance of volatile Salt and Oil. The Velvet Horns ... made into a Jelly, are us’d to hasten the Birth. ... The Bone in the Deer’s Heel is proper in the Bloody Flux, being given in Powder to a Dram. The Marrow ... may be us’d externally in Rheumatisms, Sciatica’s, &c. The Suet is ... strengthening to the Nerves.”
Source: Turner (1568)


“Pulmones Vulpium, Fox-Lungs. These seem to have been introduc’d into Medicine for no better grounds than the imaginary Efficacy which similar Parts have upon each other; so because a Fox is a Creature which can run a great way, and long together, therefore his Lungs must be good to mend those that are hardly able to respire. The College, in their late Dispensatory, have justly rejected a Composition under this Title.”
Source: Quincy (1733)


“Red corall is of most use, and is commended to be very effectuall for those that spit blood, or that bleede much either at the mouth or nose, and being often taken in wine or other drinke doth diminish the spleene, it helpeth also the gonorrhea in men,
and the whites in women, it likewise helpeth them much that are troubled with the stopping of their water, or hardly make it but by droppes, and also those that have tormenting paines of the stone in the bladder. ... it also fasteneth loose teeth.”
Source: Parkinson (1640)