Wood Bark Gum

“It is a noble Mineral even before Preparation, and is generally appropriate to the Breast and Lungs ... it kills Worms ... and is given in Coughs, Colds, Phthisicks, Wheesings, Shortness of Breath, &c. Outwardly apply’d it resolves all hard Tumours, cures corroding Tetters, Scabs, Itch, Scurf, Morphew, &c. drys up old Sores and Ulcers.”
Source: Pomet / Lemery / Tournefort (1725)

Lead acetate

“Plumbum, Lead. This is called Saturn, from the Planet under whose Influence it is imagined to be. It is of a cold, drying Quality, which makes those who work in it apt to be paralytic, and troubled with a strange kind of Colick.”
Source: Quincy (1733)


“From the English Alum is distill’d a clear and acid Water, which we call Alum Water, and which is used as an Opthalmick for the Eyes. ... True burnt Alum is esteem’d a very good Escharotick to eat away proud luxuriant Flesh. Persons of Condition commonly wear it in little Bags under their Armpits, and their Feet to prevent Sweating ...”
Source: Pomet / Lemery / Tournefort (1725)