Wood Bark Gum

“The rose is so wel knowen that it nedeth no description ... The syrop of the iuyce of roses, and of roses themselves doth purge also gently; Roses condited in hone, scour, purge and strengthen ...”
Source: Turner (1568)

“The iuyce of Roses, especially of them that are reddist, or the infusion or decoction of them is of the kinde of soft and gentle medicines, whiche loose and open the belly, and may be taken without danger. It purgeth downewarde cholerique humours, and openeth the stoppinges of the liuer, strengthning and clensing the same ...”
Source: Dodoens / Lyte (1578)

“The distilled water of Roses is good for the strengthening of the heart, and refreshing of the spirits, and likewise for all things that require a gentle cooling.”
Source: Gerard / Johnson (1633)