Wood Bark Gum
Guaiacum wood

“Guaiacum, which some call Lignum Sanctum: others, Lignum vitae, is a well known wood, though of a tree vnknown. ... It growes plentifully in the Isles of Sancto Domingo. The decoction of the bark or wood of Guaiacum ...
is of singular vse in the cure of the French Poxes, and it is the most antient and powerfull antidote that is yet knowne against that disease. ... It conduceth also to the cure of the Dropsie, Asthma, Epilepsie � for it oftentimes works singular effects whereas other medicines little preuaile.”
Source: Gerard / Johnson (1633)


“The tree from which this sweet gumme Benzoin is taken, is very great, faire, and high ... There have been sundry errours among learned men, about this gumme, for finding it to be so sweete and of so delicate a substance and shew, they straight imagined that it could not be but of some singular vertue ... but Benzoin ... is not used inwardly in Physicke, neither by the Indians, nor by us that mistake it not ...”
Source: Parkinson (1640)


“These Ferulas do grow in Grece, and Italie, and other hoate regions, but they are strange in this Countrey ... There is no peculier or special vse of these Ferulas, sauing that the liquor or gummes that floweth out of them, as Sagapenum, Ammonoacum, and Galbanum, are vsed in medicine ... The plant out of which Galbanum floweth, groweth vpon the mountayne Amanus in Syria.
Galbanum is good against an olde cough, and for such as are short winded, and cannot easily drawe their breath, but are alwayes panting and breathing.”
Source: Dodoens / Lyte (1578)