Hans Koch
Hans Koch became a Master Clockmaker in 1554 and was employed at the Bavarian Court in Munich from 1557 to 1599. He is also known as a sundial maker; two surviving examples of his work, which he signed with his initials HK, are dated 1567 and 1578. Between 1592 and 1596 he collaborated with Markus Purmann in making a series of mechanical clocks equipped with sundials. A number of watches also survive which have his mark HK within a shield, sometimes with a monk's head.

For instruments by Hans Koch, see:
   Horizontal Dial, Signed by Hans Koch, Munich, Dated 1567 (Oxford, MHS)


E. Zinner, Deutsche und Niederl?ndische astronomische Instrumente des 11. bis 18. Jahrhunderts (2nd ed., Munich, 1967), p. 415.

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