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   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Girolamo della Volpaia, Italian, Dated 1557 (Firenze, IMSS)
   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Giovanni Paolo Ferreri, Rome, Dated 1600 (Leiden, Boerhaave)
   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Girolamo della Volpaia, Italian, Dated 1564 (Firenze, IMSS)
   Armillary Sphere, Attributed to Carlo Plato, Rome, Dated 1578 (Firenze, IMSS)
   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Carlo Plato, Rome, Dated 1588 (Oxford, MHS)
   Armillary Sphere, Unsigned, Flemish, circa 1550 (Oxford, MHS)
   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Cornelius Vinch, Naples, Dated 1601 (Oxford, MHS)
   Armillary Sphere, Signed by Philippe Danfrie, French, circa 1570 (Oxford, MHS)
   Armillary Sphere, Unsigned, Italian, circa 1580 (Oxford, MHS)
   Armillary Sphere, Unsigned, Italian, circa 1500 (Oxford, MHS)

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