First published in stand-alone form September 1998
First published on the web January 2001
Current updated version first published on the web February 2006

Project Direction:  Jim Bennett

Project design and implementation:  Giles Hudson
Copy editing and rationalization:  Stephen Johnston
IT systems:  Giles Hudson and Marco Berni
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Original website design and implementation:   Giles Hudson
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Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Project co-ordination:  Jim Bennett
Cataloguing:  Ilaria Meliconi, Stephen Johnston, Jim Bennett, Giles Hudson
Photography:  Giles Hudson

Museum of the History of Science, Florence
Project co-ordination:  Mara Miniati
Cataloguing:  Mara Miniati, Anthony Turner, Ilaria Meliconi, Jim Bennett
Photography:  Franca Principe
Translation:  Michael Gorman
Digital photo-editing:  Sabina Bernacchini

British Museum, London
Project co-ordination:  David Thompson
Cataloguing:  Silke Ackermann, Ilaria Meliconi
Photography:  Peter Stringer

Museum Boerhaave, Leiden
Project co-ordination:  Marian Fournier
Cataloguing:  Robert van Gent

Thanks to:
Robert Anderson, Koenraad van Cleempoel, Peter de Clercq, Paolo Galluzzi, John Leopold, Tony Simcock, Gerrit Veeneman

This project was made possible by the support of European Commission, Directorate-General X/D/2, Cultural Programmes.

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