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circa 1400; English
Copper; 79 mm in radius

This quadrant is only outlined, with sketches of hour lines and graduation, and two hole sights. It has a dent close to one of the edges. In the centre of the quadrant is a small hole.

One side of the instrument is graduated on the limb to 2 degrees and has other divisions, probably intended for a calendar scale. Numbers from 6 to 12 are engraved very faintly along the inner side of the divisions. A ring for suspending the plumb-bob is fixed next to the apex on this side of the quadrant.

The other side of the quadrant is engraved with concentric circles centred in the perforation and tangent to the edges of the quadrant. Some parts of the circles have a beginning of graduation.

The quadrant was previously identified as museum Accession no. 93-01, and this number is stencilled next to one of the edges.

Ilaria Meliconi

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 44178

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