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Polyhedral Dial
Signed by Girolamo della Volpaia
Dated 1590; Florence
Wood; 110 mm in height

This sundial is in the shape of a triangular prism. It is of the same type, and of similar style and material, to an anonymous instrument preserved, like this one, in the Medicean collection of the Museum of the History of Science in Florence (Epact 38882).

There are various individual dials on the instrument, marked with hour lines and provided with gnomons. A compass is inserted in the base to allow the instrument to be oriented towards North.

The instrument is calibrated for a latitude of 43? 30', corresponding to Pisa, and is dated and signed by Girolamo della Volpaia, the son of Camillo, and a member of the family of instrument makers, beginning with Lorenzo, who worked for the Medici court.

Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze
Inventory no. 2460

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