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Science and Islam: Astronomy Lesson (Science)

The Astronomy lessons provide an introduction to the place of astronomy in Medieval Islamic scholarship and Islamic instruments in the Museum’s collection of historical interest. The second lesson is best combined with a visit to the Museum and is an introduction to the astrolabe and its use for astronomical and other practical purposes.


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Overview and Lesson Plans [pdf]

Astronomy in Medieval Islam [pdf] [PowerPoint]

What is an astrolabe? [pdf] [PowerPoint]

Making an astrolabe

Astrolabe templates [pdf]

Instructions for assembling your astrolabe [pdf]

Using your astrolabe

A brief guide to solving problems with an astrolabe [pdf]

Solving problems with an astrolabe [pdf] [PowerPoint]

Solving problems with an astrolabe: worksheet [pdf]

Naming the parts of an astrolabe [pdf]

Setting the rule (handout) [pdf]

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