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Science and Islam: Resources

The table below gives a guided to the teaching resources that can be downloaded from this web site.

The Introduction Lesson provides a common introduction for any of the subject specific lessons, but any of the lessons can be taught as ‘stand alone’ lessons.

Since the resources are supported by objects from the museum's collection, it is recommended that at least one of the subject lessons is delivered in conjunction with a visit to the museum. For further information about booking these sessions, please contact

LessonTopics coveredCurriculum links
Introductory lessonHistorical introduction to Science in Islam.
Interpreting objects in the collection.
KS3 History
Science (Astronomy)Historical introduction to Astronomy in Islam.
Make a model astrolabe.
Problem-solving with an astrolable.
KS3 Science
Mathematics Lesson 1Triangles and geometry.
Using a quadrant for measurement and calculation.
KS3 Mathematics
Mathematics Lesson 2Arabic numerals: Zero and place value.
Numbers and long multiplication.
KS3 Mathematics
Art Lesson 1Introduction to art and Islam.
Geometry in Islamic design.
KS3/4 Art and Design
Art Lesson 2Islamic tile design.KS3/4 Art and Design

Please note that some of resource downloads require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel to view the files.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to

To download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003 or Microsoft Excel Viewer 2003, go to

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