Josua Habermel
Josua Habermel (or Habermehl) was probably related to the famous Prague instrument maker Erasmus Habermel, but whether he was the brother, nephew or just a distant relative is not known. Archival records indicate that until 1563 or a little later he lived and worked in Buchholz (Saxony) and later as a goldsmith in Straubing (between Regensburg and Passau) where he supplied sundials and other instruments for the Bavarian court in Munich. In about 1577 he moved to Regensburg and perhaps as early as 1581 but certainly before 1590, to Prague, where he probably worked in the workshop of Erasmus Habermel.

Amongst Josua Habermel's extant instruments are medico-astrological disks, astronomical compendia, surveying instruments and sundials. He is thought to have died before 1600.

For instruments by Josua Habermel, see:
   Astronomical Compendium, Signed by Josua Habermel, German, Late 16th century (Oxford, MHS)
   Gunner's Sight And Level, Signed by Josua Habermel, Prague, Later 16th century (Firenze, IMSS)
   Quadrant, Attributed to Josua Habermel, German, After 1582 (Firenze, IMSS)


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