Bartholomew Newsum
Bartholomew Newsum (d. 1593) was an English clock keeper and clockmaker to Queen Elizabeth and seems to have been active from early in her reign. As well as timepieces, the list of bequests in his will suggests that he also made instruments, since a number of sundials are listed. This pattern of manufacture follows that of his predecessor as royal clockmaker, Nicholas Oursian.

For instruments by Bartholomew Newsum, see:
   Drawing Instruments, Signed by Bartholomew Newsum, London, circa 1570 (London, BM)


The only surviving instruments carrying Newsum's signature are those in the case of drawing instruments now preserved at the British Museum. C. Jagger, Royal Clocks: The British Monarchy and its Timekeepers 1300-1900, (London, 1983), pp. 13-5, and p. 309.

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