Ulrich Klieber
Ulrich Klieber III came from a 16th-century Augsburg clock and instrument making family which included three men with the Christian name Ulrich. The first, Ulrich Klieber I, who was born in about 1487 and died in 1530, was a locksmith and a sundial maker. His son, the clock maker Ulrich Klieber II, was born before 1511 and died in 1562. The latter had two sons, Ulrich Klieber III (born in 1529) and Tobias Klieber.

Ulrich Klieber III made clocks, sundials, astronomical compendia and gunnery instruments. During his apprentice years in his father's workshop he made clocks for the Counts of Fels and Montfort. He became a master in about 1554 and was active until 1606, the year of his death.

For instruments by Ulrich Klieber, see:
   Astronomical Compendium, Signed by Ulrich Klieber, Augsburg, Dated 1555 (Oxford, MHS)
   Gunner's Sight And Level, Signed by Ulrich Klieber, Augsburg, Dated 1578 (Oxford, MHS)


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