Tobias Klieber
Tobias Klieber was an Augsburg compass and sundial maker. He was born in 1545 and was a brother of Ulrich Klieber III. He produced amongst other instruments sundials, astronomical compendia, and clocks. He also designed large sundials on churches and other public buildings in Augsburg. In the 1590s he collaborated with Michael Marquart the Younger and Hans Marquart the Elder in the construction of the large astronomical clock in the tower of the Cathedral of Augsburg. After the cathedral clock had been dismantled in 1609, Tobias Klieber left Augsburg, only to return again shortly before his death, on 11 April 1619.

For instruments by Tobias Klieber, see:
   Astronomical Compendium, Signed by Tobias Klieber, Augsburg, Dated 1595 (London, BM)


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