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Horizontal Dial
circa 1600; German
Gilt brass; 37 mm in diameter (closed)

The oval-shaped dial consists of a brass box with its lid. On the top and the bottom of the cover are engraved two mythological figures.

The inner side of the lid has geometrical decoration on the borders. Inside the brass case itself is a compass with a card, printed from an engraved plate and hand painted with a sun effigy in blue and pink. The hour lines are engraved around the compass and numbered from IIII to XII to VIII, together with the initials 'R G'. A decoration is engraved at the top and the bottom of the plate. Around the edge of the oval box is geometrical decoration. The dial also has a ring for suspension that suggests its possible use as a medallion.

Ilaria Meliconi

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 39983

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