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Surveying Instrument
Signed by Christoph Trechsler
Dated 1572; German
Gilt brass; 120 mm in length

A thick brass square engraved with a circle divided 10 to 120 and numbered by 10. Inside this circle is a second circle with the same divisions, marked 5 to 115 by 10. Two intersecting squares are inscribed inside the second circle. The centre of the square contains a compass with a silver backing on which the principal directions are engraved. The compass is provided with two differently shaped pointers, which rotate to give readings from the second circle.

The external surface of one side the square bears the name of the maker of the instrument, 'CRISTOF. TRESSLER 1572'. The outer surface of the opposite side bears a fixed screw. The triangle which accompanies this compass bears an arc on one face which is graduated from 1 to 15, and departs from one vertex to terminate on the opposite side. From the same vertex, the side is graduated 5 to 10 to 1500. Above this side the abbreviation 'C. T.' is engraved, which can be deciphered as Cristoph Trechsler. At the opposite angle and on the surface of the triangle, three holes have been bored. The back of the instrument is engraved with two triangles, one inside the other, and bears a small brass block with a screw.

See M. Miniati, Museo di Storia della scienza: Catalago (Florence, 1991), p. 30.

Mara Miniati

Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze
Inventory no. 643

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