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Surveyor's Cross
Signed 'ALESdro POLco VAZla'
circa 1600; Italian
Brass; 116 mm in height

Egg-shaped brass shell, formed by soldering together two halves at a vertical seam, and fitted with a shaped top and a circular mount at the bottom with an internal screw thread.

There are eight vertical slits, numbered 1 to 8, each terminated by a small circular hole; the cardinal directions have longer slits, with shorter ones between them. They are bisected by a central horizontal line.

Signed around the mount: 'ALESdrr POLco VAZla'.

Shaped wooden case in two parts, lined with buckram, with a vertical seam; a central brass band riveted to the case on the outside has a catch and hinge.

The stand is modern.

Jim Bennett

Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
Inventory number 52076

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