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Horizontal Dial
Signed by Paul Reinmann
circa 1600; Nuremberg
Ivory and gilded brass; 37 x 43 x 14 mm

Heart-shaped ivory sundial with a gilded brass covering. Under the covering lid there is a depiction of a fox or a hound leaping over a sea of fire.

The hour lines are laid out in black for a horizontal sundial with the hours indicated in red in the sequence 5 to 12 to 7. The string gnomon is missing.

In the centre of the dial is a simple magnetic compass with the maker's mark and two lines indicating the north-south direction and the magnetic variation.

The sundial (previously catalogued as A 232) was acquired by Museum Boerhaave in 1939.

Robert van Gent

Museum Boerhaave, Leiden
Inventory no. 13948

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