The Objects

Armillary Sphere
Inventory no. 45453
Armillary sphere for demonstrating the heavenly spheres made and signed by Carlo Plato, Rome, c.1588.

Camera obscura
Inventory no. 92218
Early 19th-century collapsible camera obscura in mahogany case with velvet screen.

Diptych Dial
Inventory no. 41986
Diptych sundial from a specialist workshop of the Tucher family in Nuremberg, c.1600, made of ivory, gilt brass, silver and glass.

Gregorian Telescope
Inventory no. 90369
Gregorian reflecting telescope made by James Short, London, 1755. Brass with primary and secondary mirrors in speculum metal.

Medicine Chest
Inventory no. 53210
Early 19th-century medicine chest, c.1820, made of mahogany with ten glass medicine bottles, scales, weights, and measures.

Inventory no. 33700
Octant with mahogany T-frame with ivory scale and vernier; made by Thomas Howard dated 1769, Liverpool, with maker’s inscription on cross strut.

Inventory no. 45104
An early 19th-century table orrery made by W. & S. Jones, London, with three alternative sets of fittings which include a planetarium, tellurian and lunarium.

Wimshurst Machine
Inventory no. 82113
Wimshurst twin plate electrostatic machine made by Harvey & Peak, 1898. Mahogany stand with varnished glass plates, tin foil sectors, and brass conducting rods.

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