Robert Beckit
Robert Beckit (fl. 1597-8) is known as both an engraver and mathematical instrument maker, following the same pattern as several of his better-known London contemporaries. At present only one surviving instrument is known, a sector dating from the year before the publication of Thomas Hood's book on the instrument. Beckit's engraving is equally poorly represented; the only known work being a set of 5 signed maps in Jan Huygen van Linschoten's Discours of Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies (London, 1598)..

For instruments by Robert Beckit, see:
   Sector, Signed by Robert Beckit, London, Dated 1597 (Oxford, MHS)


A. M. Hind, Engraving in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (3 vols., Cambridge, 1952-64), pp. 221-2

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