Gillis Coignet
Gillis Coignet (or Aegidius Quigniet, Quiniet or Cunniet) was an Antwerp goldsmith and instrument maker born in about 1514 and descended from a family of painters, silver and goldsmiths. The name Coignet is supposedly derived from the French word coin, a small wedge-shaped chisel used by goldsmiths, which is to be found in the family's coat of arms.

Gillis Coignet, who died in 1562 or 1563, is known to have made astrolabes, globes, sundials and astronomical compendia. One of his sons, Michiel Coignet, became a well-known maker of scientific instruments.

For instruments by Gillis Coignet, see:
   Astrolabe, Signed by Gillis Coignet, Antwerp, Dated 1560 (Oxford, MHS)
   Astrolabe, Signed by Gillis Coignet, Antwerp, circa 1575 (London, BM)


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