Christoph Trechsler
Christoph Trechsler was the son of the Dresden rifle maker Lorenz Trechsler. His year of birth is not known but he married in 1571, receiving presents from the Elector of Saxony. In 1595 he was appointed 'Werkmeister' to the city of Dresden and from 1602 to 1605 he was in charge of the firearm collection of the Dresden Kunstkammer.

Christoph Trechsler's instruments are characterised by their fine workmanship and are often decorated with martial motifs or observers taking measurements. A further noteworthy feature of his work is the early use of screws for fine-adjusting his instruments and in 1609 he made a calculating device with a micrometer-screw invented by Lukas Brunn, the Inspector of the Dresden Kunstkammer. His work includes clocks, sundials, quadrants, astrolabes, drawing instruments, surveying instruments and gunnery instruments.

He often signed his work with only his initials C.T. or C.T.M. (i.e. 'Christoph Trechsler Mechanicus'). After 1611 he began to sign his instruments C.T.D.E.M. (i.e. 'Christoph Trechsler the Elder Mechanicus') to distinguish his work from that of his identically named son. His earliest instruments date from 1572 and he was active until in about 1624 (the year of his last dated instruments).

For instruments by Christoph Trechsler, see:
   Compass, Signed by Christoph Trechsler, German, Dated 1584 (Oxford, MHS)
   Horizontal Dial, Signed by Christoph Trechsler, Dresden, Dated 1613 (Oxford, MHS)
   Surveying Instrument, Signed by Christoph Trechsler, German, Dated 1572 (Firenze, IMSS)


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