Caspar Vopel
Caspar Vopel, cartographer and instrument maker, was born in 1511 in Medebach (to the west of Cassel) and studied mathematics and medicine at the University of Cologne from 1526 to 1529. He taught mathematics at the Gymnasium of Cologne and in the early 1530s set up a workshop producing celestial and terrestrial globes, armillary spheres, sundials, quadrants and astrolabes. In 1545 he also began issuing maps and atlases. Caspar Vopel died in 1561.

For instruments by Caspar Vopel, see:
   Nocturnal And Sundial, Signed by Caspar Vopel, Cologne, Dated 1557 (Oxford, MHS)
   Nocturnal And Sundial, Signed by Caspar Vopel, Cologne, Dated 1551 (London, BM)


E. Zinner, Deutsche und Niederl?ndische astronomische Instrumente des 11. bis 18. Jahrhunderts (2nd ed., Munich, 1967), pp. 578-9, and p. 688.

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