Adriaan Zeelst
Adriaan Zeelst (Adrianus Zeelstius), instrument maker, engraver and mathematician, was born in the village of Zeelst (near Eindhoven). In 1561 he was registered on the matriculation roll of the University of Louvain. He is known as the maker of astrolabes, sundials, astronomical rings and surveying instruments. His work is dated between 1566 and 1593. An unsigned astrolabe, dated 1559, may also be from his hand.

He also engraved plates for several scientific works. At the request of Ernest of Bavaria, the Prince Bishop of Liege, he assisted the astronomer Gerard Stempel of Gouda in illustrating a treatise on the construction and the use of the astrolabe published in 1602. Adriaan Zeelst died soon after 1623.

For instruments by Adriaan Zeelst, see:
   Crucifix Dial, Signed by Adriaan Zeelst, Louvain, Dated 1588 (Oxford, MHS)


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