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—>  "G. B. Amici e la Magnifica Scienza degli Strumenti"
—>  "G. B. Amici: Il Microscopio a Riflessione. Anticipazioni Storiche, Caratteristiche Tecniche"
—>  G. Calgemain's Circkel
—>  G. F. Brander 1713-1783: Wissenschaftliche Instrumente aus seiner Werkstatt
—>  G.E.C. Catalogue
—>  "Gaging, Measurement and the Control of Artificer's Work in Manufacturung"
—>  Galen on Medical Experience
—>  "Galenic and Animal Sources of Vesalius"
—>  Galerie d'Horlogerie Ancienne [catalogues]
—>  Galilee : aspects de sa vie et de son oeuvre
—>  "Galilee et Marius"
—>  Galileo and the Freedom of Thought
—>  "Galileo and the Problem of Free Fall"
—>  "Galileo and the Telescope"
—>  "Galileo contro Aristotele e Tolomeo"
—>  Galileo e il suo cannocchiale
—>  "Galileo e la Stella Nova"
—>  Galileo e la terminologia tecnico-scientifica
—>  Galileo e Padova: Mostra di Strumenti Libri Incisioni
—>  Galileo Galilei - Naturphilosoph und Begrunder der neuzeitlichen Physik
—>  "Galileo Galilei 1564-1642"
—>  "Galileo Galilei and the measure of time"
—>  'Galileo Galilei and the Measure(ment) of time'
—>  "Galileo Galilei and Time Measurement: a re-examination of pertinent documents"
—>  "Galileo Galilei" : 2 entries
—>  Galileo Galilei: a biography and inquiry into his philosophy of science
—>  Galileo in China; Relations through the Roman College between Galileo and the Jesuit Scientist-Missionaries (1610-1640)
—>  Galileo in Cina: Relazioni attraverso il Collegio Romano tra Galileo e i gesuiti scienziati missionari in Cina (1610-1640)
—>  Galileo IV Centenario
—>  "Galileo on the Distance between the Earth and the Moon"
—>  "Galileo"
—>  Galileo, Courtier: The Practice of Science in the Culture of Absolutism
—>  "Galileo: 350 Anni dal "Dialogo""
—>  Galileo: and his Condemnation
—>  Galileo's Florentine Residences
—>  "Galileo's Misstatements about Copernicus"
—>  "Galileo's Platonism"
—>  "Gallehus Horns, Lunar Declination Cycle, and Ragnarok"
—>  Gallenkamp General Catalogue
—>  Galvani - Volta: A Controversy that led to the Discovery of Useful Electricity
—>  "Galvani and the pre-Galvanian Electrophysiologists"
—>  "Galvanic Cultures: Electricity and Life in the Early Nineteenth Century"
—>  Gamasides
—>  Gamle ure i Danmark
—>  Gammelt Dansk Apoteksinventar
—>  Gandolfi: A Family of Camera Makers
—>  Ganong Botanical Apparatus for Use in Plant Physiology
—>  "Ganong Botanical Apparatus for Use in Plant Physiology: A. General Catalog"
—>  Gantz neu erfundene, leichte und unbetruliche Sonnen und MondsUhr, etc.
—>  "Garcia Galdeano and El Progreso Matematico"
—>  "Garden Making in Early Stuart Times. - III."
—>  Garden Ornaments
—>  Gaspar Correia : inedito
—>  Gassendi: Explorateur des Sciences
—>  "Gawsworth Old Rectory"
—>  Geared to the stars : the evolution of planetariums, orreries, and astronomical clocks
—>  Geared to the Stars: The Evolution of Planetariums, Orreries, and Astronomical Clocks
—>  Gears from the Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism - A Calendar Computer from ca. 80 B.C.
—>  "Gebrauch und Missbrauch historischer Benennungen in der Mathematik"
—>  Gebrauch Zweyer Neuen Mathematischen Instrumenten
—>  Gedachten over Gisting en Cholera in een Brief van Gerrit Jan Mulder uit 1867.
—>  Gedachtnissausstellung zum 100. Geburtstag von Albert Einstein, Max von Laue, Otto Hahn und Lise Meitner, in des Staatsbibliothek Preussischen Kulturbesitz, Berlin, von 1 Marz - 12 April 1979 und im Theodor-Zink-Museum, Kaiserslautern vom 21 Juni - 31 Jul
—>  Gedanken von den Eigenschaften, Wirkungen und Ursachen der Electricitat, nebst einer Beschreibung zwo neuer Electrischen Maschinen
—>  Gedenkboek van het den 8sten September 1875 gevierde 200-Jarig Herinneringsfeest der Ontdekking van de mikroskopische wezens door Antony van Leeuwenoek
—>  "Geiger counter measurements of Bragg and diffuse scattering of X-rays by single crystals"
—>  Geillustreerde Inventaris van de historische Microscopen onderdelen en Uitrusting
—>  Gelehrten-Lexicon
—>  Gemeinfassliche Anleitung zur Kenntniss des Himmels ... auch zur Verzeichnung regularen Sonnenuhren
—>  "Gemini (Thomas Lambert ou Lambrechts)"
—>  Gemini elementorum astronomiae
—>  Geminos of Rhodes (about 70 BC): An Introduction to the Universe with the aid of a model sphere
—>  Geminos of Rhodes (about 70 BC): An Introduction to the Universe with the aid of a model sphere: A Rendering in English
—>  "Gemma Frisius, his Method of Determining Differences of Longitude by Transporting Timepieces (1530), and his Treatise on Triangulation (1533)"
—>  Gemma Frisius, Tycho Brahe, and Snellius, and their Triangulations
—>  "Gen. John Coffee (1772-1833): Alabama Frontiersman, Land Agent, and Surveyor Part I"
—>  General and Inorganic Chemistry for University Students
—>  "General and Local Administration of Penicillin"
—>  General and Practical Optics
—>  General catalogue
—>  General Catalogue of Laboratory Equipment and Scientific Apparatus
—>  General electrical engineering : a comprehensive introduction for students, apprentices and all connected with the electrical engineering industry
—>  General engineering workshop practice : a guide to the principles and practice of workshop procedure
—>  General Illustrated Catalogue of Alfred Hall, Ltd. Hardware, Metal and Explosive Merchants, Manufacturers and Importers, Cleckheaton, Yorks.
—>  General Laboratory Apparatus: Abridged Catalogue 1958
—>  General Program: First European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy
—>  General Theory of the Aberration in the Focal Plane of a Parabolic Reflector
—>  General Views of the Application of Galvanism to Medical Purposes; principally in Cases of Suspended Animation
—>  "Generalizations in Geometry as Seen in the History of Developable Surfaces"
—>  "Genes"
—>  "Genese du montage parallactique de la lunette"
—>  Genesis and Geology: A Study in the Relations of Scientific Thought, Natural Theology, and Social Opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850
—>  "Genesis of Ions by Collision and Sparking-Potentials in Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen"
—>  Genetics, a Periodical Record of Investigations Bearing on Heredity and Variation
—>  Gent: 300 Jaar Geneeskunde
—>  Gentlemen Errant. Being the journeys and adventures of four Noblemen in Europe during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
—>  Gentlemen of Science: Early Years of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
—>  "Geo. Graham, London: Inventor of the Dead-Beat Escapement: An Early Clock by Tompion's Partner"
—>  Geodaesia: or, the Art of Surveying and Measuring Land made Easy. Shewing by Plain and Practical Rules, to Survey, Protract, Cast up, Reduce or Divide any Piece of Land whatsoever; with New Tables for the Ease of the Surveyor in Reducing the Measures of L
—>  Geodates Practicus Redivivus: The Art of Surveying
—>  Geodesy
—>  "Geodesy: A Brief Historical Sketch"
—>  Geoffrey Watkins Smith
—>  Geographia Generalis, In qua affectiones generales Telluris explicantur
—>  Geographiae libri octo Graeco-Latini Latine primum recogniti & emendati, cum tabulis geographicis ad mentem auctoris restitutis per Gerardum Mercatorem: tam vero ad Graeca & Latina exemplaria a Petro Montano iterum recogniti, et pluribus locis castigati.
—>  "Geographische und Magnetische Beobachtungen in Nord- und Sud-Amerika, angestellt in den Jahren 1856 und 1857"
—>  "Geography in a Medieval Text-Book"
—>  Geologia: or, a Discourse concerning the Earth before the Deluge. Wherein the Form and Properties ascribed to it, in a Book intituled the Theory of the Earth, Are Excepted against: and it is made appear, that the Dissolution of the Earth was not the Cause
—>  "Geological Remarks on the Vicinity of Maestricht"
—>  Geological Thermometer: Shewing the Opinions attributed to various Geologists with respect to the Origin of Rocks
—>  "Geologische Forschungen in Nordwestdeutschland unter der britischen Militarregierung 1945 bis 1947"
—>  Geology and Mineralogy at Oxford 1860-1986: History and Reminiscence
—>  Geology and Mineralogy considered with Reference to Natural Theology
—>  "Geology for Archaeologists"
—>  "Geology in Embryo (up to 1600 A. D.)"
—>  Geology of Oxford and the Valley of the Thames : 2 entries
—>  Geology Serves the Nation: 150 years of the British Geological Survey
—>  Geology. Chemical, Physical, and Stratigraphical
—>  Geology: A poem in seven books.
—>  Geomagnetic Instruments before 1900: an illustrated account of their construction and use
—>  "Geometria More Ethico / Die Alternative: Euklidische oder Nichteuklidische Geometrie bei Aristoteles und die Axiomatische Grundlegung der Euklidischen Geometrie"
—>  "Geometric Curves"
—>  Geometrical and Graphical Essays
—>  Geometrical and Graphical Essays, containing a general description of the Mathematical Instruments used in Geometry, Civil and Military Surveying, Levelling, and Perspective; with many new Practical Problems, illustrated by thirty-four copper plates
—>  Geometrical drawing for art students
—>  "Geometrical Illustrations of Newlands' and Mendelejeff's Periodic Law of the Atomic Weights of the Chemical Elements"
—>  Geometrical Investigation of the Formation of Images in Optical Instruments: Embodying the Results of Scientific Researches Conducted in German Optical Workshops
—>  Geometrical Optics, Adapted to the Use of the Higher Classes in Schools, etc.
—>  Geometrical Optics. An Elementary Treatise upon the Theory, and its Practical Application to the More Exact Measurement of Optical Properties
—>  Geometrical Propositions demonstrated after the Manner of the Ancients
—>  Geometricall Dyalling or Dyalling Performed by a Line of Chords onely, Or by the Plain Scale. Wherein is contained two several Methods of Inscribing the Hour-Lines in all Plains, with he Substile, Stile and Meridian, in their proper Coasts and Quantities
—>  "Geometrie Appliquee: Traite abrige de gnomonique graphique"
—>  Geometrie et horlogiographie
—>  Geometrie. Von kunstlichen Feldmessen, und absehen, Allerhandt Hohe, Fleche, Ebne, Weitte und Breite: Als Thurn, Kirchen, Baw, Baum, Felder unnd Ecker, u. Mit fast wercklich unnd kunstlich zubereytem Jacob Stab, Philosophischen Spiegel, Schatten, und Mess
—>  "Geometry and Surveying in Early-Seventeenth-Century England"
—>  Geometry in Context in the Sixteenth Century: The View from the Museum
—>  Geophysics & Geomagnetism: Catalogue of the Science Museum Collection
—>  Georg Agricola, 1494-1555, Begrunder dreier Wissenschaften, Mineralogie - Geologie - Bergbankunde
—>  "Georg Agricolas Mineralsystem und sein Nachleben bis ins 18. Jahrhundert"
—>  "Georg Friedrich Brander, ein fast vergessener suddeutscher Mechanicus"
—>  Georg Hartmann aus Eggolsheim (1489-1564): Ein Mathematiker, Physiker und Instrumentenmacher von Europaischem Rang
—>  Georg Scheutz and the First Printing Calculator
—>  "George Biddell Airy, F.R.S. (1801-1892): A Centenary Commemoration"
—>  "George Brown, Author of the Rotula"
—>  "George Edwards, F.R.S. (1694-1773) An Eighteenth-Century Naturalist"
—>  "George Graham Master Clockmaker"
—>  "George Graham: Horologist and Astronomer"
—>  "George Graham: Maker of Horological and Astronomical Instruments"
—>  George Green, Miller, Snienton
—>  George III: Collector & Patron
—>  George Marcgrave, the First Student of American Natural History
—>  George Moore: Merchant and Philanthropist
—>  "George Ripley's Song" : 2 entries
—>  "George Sarton" : 2 entries
—>  "George Simonds Boulger (1853-1922)"
—>  "George Starkey, Physician and Alchemist"
—>  "George Stirk, Philosopher by Fire (1628?-1665)"
—>  "George Stubbs (1724-1806) as an Anatomist"
—>  "George Washington (1732-1799) Surveyor and Cartographer. Part II"
—>  "George Washington (1732-1799): Surveyor and Cartographer, Part I"
—>  "George Washington Carpenter: A Philadelphia Supplier of Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus"
—>  "Georgius Agricola (1494-1555)"
—>  Gerard Mercator Cosmographe: Le temps et l'espace
—>  Gerhard Mercator: Europa und die Welt
—>  "German master gunner's axe - 1585. (In the Tower of London Armoury.)"
—>  Gesammelte Abhandlungen : 2 entries
—>  Gesammelte Abhandlungen. Erster Band: Abhandlungen uber die Theorie des Mikroskops
—>  Gesamtverzeichnis der Publikationen der Archenhold-Sternwarte Berlin-Treptow 1946-1979
—>  Geschichte der Arabischen Litteratur
—>  Geschichte der Bahnbestimmung von Planeten und Kometen. II Their: Die empirischen Methoden
—>  Geschichte der chemie
—>  Geschichte der Chemie : seit dem Wiederaufleben der Wissenschaften bis an das Ende des achtzehenden Jahrhunderts
—>  Geschichte der Chemie: I Von den altesten Zeiten bis Lavoisier
—>  Geschichte der Elementar-mathematik in systematischer darstellung mit besonderer berucksichtigung der fachworter
—>  Geschichte der Geodatischen Instrumente und Verfahren im Altertum und Mittelalter
—>  "Geschichte der Magnetnadel bis zur Erfindung des Kompasses (gegen 1300)"
—>  Geschichte der Mathematik im Mittelalter
—>  Geschichte der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften im Altertum
—>  "Geschichte der Mathematik"
—>  Geschichte der Mineralogie von 1650-1860
—>  Geschichte der Physik: I. Die Physik bis Newton
—>  Geschichte der Sternwarte der Benediktiner-Abtei Kremsmunster
—>  Geschichte der Wissenschaften in Lateinamerika
—>  Geschichte der Wissenschaftlichen Erdkunde der Griechen
—>  "Geschichte der wissenschaftlichen und technischen Museum"
—>  Geschichte der Zoologie bis auf Joh. MUller und Charl. Darwin
—>  Geschichte des Arabischen Schrifttums
—>  Geschichte des Mikroskops
—>  Geschichte und Bibliographie der Astronomischen Literatur in Deutschland zur Zeit der Renaissance
—>  Geschichte und Literatur des Lictwechsels der bis Ende 1915 als sicher veraderlich anerkannten Sterne nebst einem Katalog der Elemente ihres Lechtwechsels
—>  "Geschichtsschreibung der Mathematik"
—>  "Geschiedenis Rond het Fonografisch Gebeuren"
—>  Geschiedenis van de Farmacie in Belgie: met een Inleiding tot de Algemene Geschiedenis van de Farmacie
—>  Gesetz und Harmonie
—>  Gesneden en Gedrukt in de Kalverstraat: De Kaarten- en Atlassendrukkerij in Amsterdam tot in de 19e Eeuw
—>  Gesnerus
—>  "Getting to Know the "Beau Sauvage""
—>  Gewichten in Beeld: 18 Afbeeldingen uit de Oudheidskamer van het IJkwezen te 's-Gravenhage
—>  Gezondheid en Medische Techniek : 2 entries
—>  Gids
—>  Gids door de Verzameling van Natuurkundige Instrumenten in Teyler's Museum Te Haarlem
—>  Gil Eanes[, o Cabo Bojador]
—>  Gilbert of Colchester - Father of Electrical Science
—>  Gilbert White of Selborne
—>  Gilbert, of Colchester; an Elizabethan Magnetizer
—>  Gilbert, Physician
—>  Gilkes of Sibford: An enterprising yeoman family
—>  "Giordano Bruno: Some New Documents"
—>  "Giordano Bruno's Conflict with Oxford"
—>  Giornale di Astronomia : 2 entries
—>  "Giotto's Portrait of Halley's Comet"
—>  Giovan Battista Amici, botanico
—>  "Giovan Battista Amici, ottico 1786-1863"
—>  "Giovanni Alfonso Borelli and the Invention of the Heliostat"
—>  Giovanni Battista Ramusio e as cartas do Pseudo-Vespucio : os descobrimentos portugueses entre mito e realidade
—>  Giovanni de Dondi's Horological Masterpiece 1364
—>  Giovanni De'Dondi and his Planetarium Clock in 1364
—>  "Giovanni Dondi dall'orologio e il suo Astrario"
—>  Giovanni Pico della Mirandola nei suoi rapporti di amicizia con Gerolamo Savonarola
—>  Girdle Round the Earth: the Story of Cable and Wireless
—>  Girolamo Sernigi e a importancia economica do Oriente
—>  "Giuseppe Campani, pioneer optical inventor"
—>  Glasogon
—>  Glass and Archaeology
—>  Glass and British Pharmacy 1600-1900
—>  Glass and the Gastronome
—>  Glass in the Modern World: A Study in Materials Development
—>  Glass Technology Gallery
—>  Glass Terminology: A German-English Glossary
—>  "Glass: What do we know about its atomic structure?"
—>  "Glassmaking in China"
—>  Gleanings from the natural history of the ancients
—>  Gleanings in natural history : with local recollections : to which are added maxims and hints for an angler
—>  "Gli alchimisti greci e l'"acqua divina""
—>  Gli Archivi Universitari ed Accademici per la Storia della Scienza e della Tecnologia
—>  "Gli Astrolabi della Collezione Settala nella Pinacoteca Ambrosiana"
—>  "Gli astrolabi della Collezione Settala nella Pinacoteca Ambrosiana" [part 2]
—>  Gli orivoli italiano, e francese opusculo diretto al cittadino, N. N.
—>  Gli Orologi
—>  Gli scritti De motu antiquiora di Galileo Galilei: il Ms. Gal 71. Un' analisi storico-critica
—>  Gli strumenti antichi al museo di storia della scienza di Firenze
—>  Gli Strumenti del Gabinetto di Fisica dell' Istituto Tecnico Toscano: I. Acustica
—>  Gli strumenti della scienza e la scienza degli strumenti
—>  Gli strumenti di fisica dell' Istituto Tecnico Toscano: Elettricita a Magnetismo
—>  Gli Strumenti nella Storia e nella Filosofia della Scienza
—>  Gli strumenti superstiti dell'Accademia del Cimento
—>  "Gli svegliatori monastici"
—>  "Globale geodesie, drie-dimensionaal"
—>  Globe Labels: An addition to the Catalogue "The World In Your Hands" - exhibition of globes and planetaria, at Christie's, London (1994) and at Museum Boerhaave, Leiden (1995)
—>  Globes and Spheres, Globen und Spharen, Globes et Spheres
—>  'Globes and their Makers in Eighteenth Century London'
—>  Globes at Greenwich: A Catalogue of the Globes and Armillary Spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.
—>  Globes at Greenwich: A Catalogue of the Globes and Armillary Spheres in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
—>  "Globes celestes et catalogues d'etoiles orientaux du Moyen-Age"
—>  Globes from the Western World
—>  "Globes in England up to 1660"
—>  "Globus bylicy i pierwsze nowoczesne mapy nieba"
—>  Globus Caelestis Cufico-Arabicus Veliterni Musei Borgiani a Simone Assemano Linguarum Orientalium in Seminario Patavino Professore et Academiarum Patavinae et Volscorum Socio Illustratus. Praemissa ejusdem de Arabum Astronomia dissertatione et adjectis du
—>  Glocken: Gestalt Klang und Zier
—>  Glory and Failure: The Difference Engines of Johann Muller, Charles Babbage and Georg and Edvard Scheutz
—>  Glossaries for surveyors
—>  "Gnomon"
—>  Gnomone und Sonnenuhren : 2 entries
—>  "Gnomone und Sonnenuhren"
—>  Gnomonica Atellana: Le Meridiane dell'Arte: L'Arte delle Meridiane
—>  Gnomonica Fundamentalis et Mechanica Worinnen gewiesen wird, wie man so wohl grundlich als auf Mechanischer Art Allerhand SonnenUhren, etc. : 3 entries
—>  Gnomonica Grafica Ossia Metodo Facile Per Disegnare Ogni Sorta D'Orologi Solari Senze L'Uso Della Bussola, etc...
—>  Gnomonica Italiana
—>  Gnomonica Mechanica oder Mechanische Sonnen-Uhr-Kunst
—>  Gnomonica Mechanica universalis, Oder: die sehr deutlich und leicht vorgelegte allgemeine Mechanische Sonnen-Uhr-Kunst In welcher Denen Liebhabern dieser anmuthigen Wissenschaft ...
—>  Gnomonica oder Grundlicher Unterricht und Beschreibung, Wie man allerhand Sonnen Uhren auf ebenen Orten kunstlich aufreissen und leichtlich verfertigen soll U
—>  Gnomonica per descrivere Orologi solari senza Maestro Segnito da un semplicissimus metodo per delineare Meridiane Universali
—>  Gnomonica Tabulae
—>  Gnomonica Universalis, Oder Aussfuhrliche Beschreibung Der Sonnen: Uhren ... : 4 entries
—>  Gnomonica Universalis, Oder Aussfuhrliche Beschreibung Der Sonnen: Uhren ... {?}
—>  Gnomonica, Das ist: Grundtliche Underzichtung und Beschriebung, wie man die Inclinierte Sonnen Uhren machen solle, etc...
—>  Gnomonicae Mechanicae continuatio. Forsetzung der Mechanischen Sonnen-Uhr-Kunst. ...
—>  Gnomonicam Analyticam exhibet praelectionesque suas indicat Abraham Kaestner, etc.
—>  Gnomonice ... Hoc est, De Descriptionibus Horologiorum Sciotericorum omnis generis ... His addita sunt ejusdem autoris Gnomonices Mechanices ... De inventione lineae Meridianae ... De compositione Astrolabii ... omnia recens nata & edita
—>  Gnomonice De Solariis, Sive Doctrina Practica Tertiae Partis Astronomiae, Von allerley Solarien das ist ... Furnemlich nach Geometrischem Grundt des abnussens angestellet ... Jetz und auffs new zugericht und perficirt
—>  Gnomonices
—>  Gnomonices Biformis, Geometricae, scilicet, & Arithmeticae Synopsis
—>  Gnomonices oder Grundlichen Unterrichts von Beschreibung allerhand Sonnen Uhren : 2 entries
—>  Gnomonices oder Grundlichen Unterrichts von Bescrreibung Allerhand Sonnenuhren
—>  Gnomonicorum liber unus. In quo quidem tabulae novae Astronomicae cujus ope ...
—>  Gnomonics: or, The Art of Shadows Improved. Plainly set forth in the Drawing of Sun-Dials on all sorts of Planes, By Different Methods, etc.
—>  Gnomonik, oder Anleitung zur Verfertigung aller Arten von Sonnenuhren
—>  Gnomonik, worinn eine besondere, die allerleicht este, geschwindeste, und sidurste Methode alle Gattungen der Sonnenuhren, etc.
—>  Gnomonique : 2 entries
—>  Gnomonique Elementaire
—>  Gnomonique Graphique et Analytique, ou l'art de tracer les cadrans solaires
—>  Gnomonique Graphique ou Methode simple et facile pour tracer les cadrans solaires sur toutes sortes de planes, etc.
—>  Gnomonique mise a la protee de tout le Monde, ou methode simple et aisee Pour tracer des Cadrans Solaires, ...
—>  Gnomonique ou Traite Theorique et Practique de la Construction des Cadrans Solaires, suivi de Tables Auxiliaires Relatives aux Cadrans et aux Calendriers
—>  Gnomoniques, or The Art of Drawing Sun-dials…
—>  God Bless the Microscope! A History of the Royal Microscopical Society over 150 Years : 2 entries
—>  "God in the Machine"
—>  God's Clockmaker: Richard of Wallingford and the Invention of Time
—>  God's Week of Work: being an Examination of the Mosaic Six Days, in relation to Natural and Physical Science; together with an Exposition of Genesis, ...
—>  Goede Buur of Verre Vriend: 1636-1986: De Relatie Tussen de Universiteit en de Stad Utrecht
—>  Goethe and the Development of Science, 1750-1900
—>  "Goethe's Four Microscopes in Weimar"
—>  Going to the Fair: Readings in the Culture of Nineteenth-Century Exhibitions : 2 entries
—>  "Gold and Alchemy"
—>  Gold Bulletin
—>  "Gold in Ancient Palestine: Methods of Fabrication in Successive Cultures"
—>  "Gold in the ancient Near East"
—>  "Gold Mining and Metallurgy in Antiquity"
—>  Goldgewichte aus Ghana
—>  Goldsmith and his booksellers
—>  Goldsmiths Review: The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths 1993/94
—>  Goochelen met getallen: een Geschiedenis
—>  "Good work merits good framing"
—>  "Gordon as Botanist: The trees of Eden"
—>  "Gordon of Straloch's Astrolabe"
—>  "Got the time, sailor?"
—>  "Gothic Clocks"
—>  "Government and Science in the United States: Historical Backgrounds: I. The Columbian Institute"
—>  "Government and Science in the United States: Historical Backgrounds: III. The Smithsonian Institution"
—>  Grace Revere Osler - A Brief Memoir
—>  Graecia Antiqua
—>  "Grafting of the Theory of Limits on the Calculus of Leibniz"
—>  "Grain Testing Scales"
—>  Gramatica delle scienze filosofiche : o breve analisi della filosofia moderna appoggiata alle sperienze : 2 entries
—>  Gramatica delle scienze filosofiche, : o breve analisi della filosofia moderna appoggiata alle sperienze
—>  Grammaire des sciences philosophiques, : ou analyse abregee de la philosophie moderne, appuyee sur les experiences
—>  "Grammar, Chinese"
—>  Grammelogia or the Mathematical Ring. Extracted from the Logarythmes, and Projected Circular: ...
—>  "Grand Meteor of August 10, 1861. The August Ring of Meteors"
—>  "Grandeurs et Faiblesses de la Tradition Scientifique Chinoise"
—>  Grandfather Clocks and their Cases
—>  "Granslev kirkes tarnur"
—>  "Graphic recordings of the Korotkoff sounds"
—>  "Graphic Registration before Ludwig; The Antecedents of the Kymograph"
—>  "Graphic Telescope"
—>  "Graphical Methods in Teaching and Research"
—>  "Great Britain and the Dutch Question in 1787-1788"
—>  "Great Britain, Astronomy in", "Oxford University, Astronomy at", [&] "Cambridge University, Astronomy at"
—>  Great Craftsmen
—>  Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations, 1851. Official Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue
—>  Great Exhibition of the works of industry of all Nations. Reports of the Juries
—>  Great Exhibitions
—>  "Great Exhibitions before 1851"
—>  "Great Oxford Pioneers of Science and Industry in the 18th Century"
—>  "Greco-Egyptian Zodiacs from a Gallo-Romano Site"
—>  "Greco-Roman and Arabic Bronze Instruments and their Medico-Surgical Use"
—>  'Greek Alchemy'
—>  "Greek Alchemy"
—>  Greek and Roman Sundials
—>  Greek Astronomy
—>  Greek Biology & Greek Medicine : 2 entries
—>  Greek Horoscopes
—>  Greek Medicine
—>  Greek Medicine in Rome
—>  Greek Science - its Meaning for Us
—>  Greek Science - its meaning for us. (Thales to Aristotle)
—>  Greek Science in Antiquity
—>  Green College
—>  Greenwich Observatory
—>  Greenwich Observatory: 300 Years of Astronomy
—>  "Greenwich Personality and the Equinox Correction" : 2 entries
—>  Greenwich Time and the Discovery of the Longitude
—>  "Greenwich Time and the Prime Meridian"
—>  "Gregor Mendel: Founding-Father of Modern Genetics?"
—>  "Gregory's Converging Double Sequence: A New Look at the Controversy between Huygens and Gregory over the "Analytical" Quadrature of the Circle"
—>  Gresham College and the Royal Society
—>  Griechische und Romische Munzbilder in ihren beziehungen zur geschichte der medizin
—>  Griffin & George Laboratory Equipment Catalogue 72
—>  Griffin News
—>  Griffin's Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of Scientific Apparatus : 2 entries
—>  Griffin's Scientific Circular
—>  "Groaning Shelves"
—>  Groeten uit de Kosmos: Buitenaards gevaar: feit of fictie?
—>  Grolier - Classics of Science
—>  Groma e squadro: ovvero Storia dell'agrimensura italiana
—>  "'Gross Gottfried': The Basingstoke stackfreed, together with some remarks on the working of that curious device"
—>  "Grosseteste, Robert"
—>  Grote Nederlanders bij de Opbouir der Natuurwetenschappen
—>  "Group Clocks Tell a Story…"
—>  "Group Representations of Finite Polyvalent Logic: A Case Study Using APL Notation"
—>  "Growth of Trees, with a Note on Interference Bands formed by Rays at Small Angles"
—>  Grundlagen der Elektronenoptik
—>  Grundlagen der Geschichte der Technik: Versuch einer Ausarbeitung der theoretischen und methodologischen Probleme
—>  Grundlagen der praktischen Optik: Analyse und Synthese optischer Systeme
—>  Grundliche Enleitung zur Chymie, darinnen nicht nur die in derselben vortommende Operationes, und die aus denen Operationibus entstehende Producta, sondern auch die Praeparationes dere besten Chymischen, Medicamenten aus der beiuhmtesten Medicorum, sonder
—>  Grundliche Erklarung eines astronomisch - und systematischen Uhrwerks
—>  Grundliche Vortheile Allerhand Arten Von SonnenUhren zu verfertigen, etc. Von Einem Liebhaber derer SonnenUhren
—>  Grundriss des Photometrischen Calcules
—>  Grundzuge der Allgemeinen Mikroskopie
—>  Grundzuge der Photometrie
—>  Grundzuge der Theorie der optischen Instrumente nach Abbe
—>  "Grundzuge von lulls ars inveniendi veritatem"
—>  "Guglielmo Korner (1839-1925) und sein Beitrag zur Chemie Isomerer Benzolderivate"
—>  Guglielmo Marconi
—>  Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937
—>  Guglielmo Marconi, 1874-1937
—>  Guglielmo Marconi: Genio, Storia e Modernita
—>  Guglielmo Marconi: tra Storia e Cronaca
—>  Guide Book of Japanese Optical Precision Instruments 1973-1974
—>  Guide du Musee du Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers : 2 entries
—>  Guide for the Use of Visitors to Friar Park, Henly-on-Thames
—>  Guide of European Museums with collections on History of Chemistry
—>  Guide to exhibition : industry in Bunyan's day
—>  Guide to London Museums and Galleries
—>  Guide to Photo-Micrography. Primarily prepared for Users of Apparatus made by E. Leitz
—>  Guide to Photo-Micrography: Primarily Prepared for Users of Apparatus made by E. Leitz
—>  Guide to Reference Material
—>  Guide to Sources in Northern California for History of Science and Technology
—>  Guide to the Adler Planetarium
—>  Guide to the Aircraft Collection: Museum of Flight East Fortune Airfield
—>  Guide to the Collections in the Horniman Museum and Library, Forest Hill, London, S.E.23
—>  Guide to the Collections of Zoology, Geology, & Mineralogy
—>  Guide to the Exhibition Galleries of Geology and Palaeontology
—>  Guide to the feng shui compass : a compendium of classical feng shui
—>  Guide to the History of Technology in Europe
—>  Guide to the history of technology in Europe 1996
—>  Guide to the Manuscript Papers of British Scientists Catalogued by the Contemporary Scientific Archives Centre and the National Cataloguing Unit for the Archives of Contemporary Scientists 1973-1993
—>  Guide to the Microfilm Edition of The George Ellery Hale Papers
—>  Guide to the Microform Edition of The George Ellery Hale Papers
—>  Guide to the Museum of the Clockmakers' Company of London
—>  Guide to the Old Royal Observatory Greenwich
—>  Guide to the Oxford Botanic Gardens
—>  Guide to the Purchase of a Watch
—>  Guide to the Records Relating to Science and Technology in the British Public Record Office: A RAMP Study
—>  Guide to the Science of Photo-Micrography
—>  Guide to the skeleton celestial globe
—>  Guide to the Smithsonian Archives
—>  Guide to the Surgical Instruments and Objects in the Historical Series with their History and Development
—>  Guide to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
—>  "Guild Organisation and the Instrument-Making Trade, 1550-1830: the Grocers' and Clockmakers' Companies"
—>  "Gunnery Instruments and their Makers in the Eighteenth Century"
—>  Guns and government : the Ordnance Office under the later Stuarts
—>  Gunther Family Records
—>  Gustav Jaeger
—>  "Gustavus John Orr (1819-1887): Georgia Educator and Surveyor Part 1"
—>  Gwyddonwyr o Gymry
—>  Gynaeciorum siue De mulierum tum communibus, tum grauidarum, parientium, et puerperarum affectibus & morbis, libri Graecorum, Arabum, Latinorum veterum et recentium quotquot extant, emendati opera & studio I. Spachij
—>  "H. A. Lorentz - Praeceptor Physicae"
—>  H. A. Lorentz, his creative genius and his personality
—>  "H. A. Lorentz, his creative genius and his personality"
—>  H. C. Orsted: A Man of the Two Cultures
—>  "H. E. Armstrong and the Development of Organic Chemistry"
—>  H. Fox Talbot's The Pencil of Nature, Anniversary Facsimile
—>  "H. G. J. Moseley 1887-1915"
—>  H. G. J. Moseley: The Life and Letters of an English Physicist, 1887-1915
—>  "H. M. Carleton"
—>  "H. van Heurck 28 aout 1838-13 mars 1909. Sa vie - son oeuvre - ses collections"
—>  'H. W. Florey - Bibliography'
—>  "Habits of Mind: Geophysics at Shanghai and Algiers, 1920-1940"
—>  Hacia un museo espanol de la cienca y de la tecnica
—>  "Haeckel's "Anthropogenie""
—>  "Haeckel's Love Letters: An Intimate Portrait"
—>  Hagans Clock Manor Museum Horological Collection
—>  "Haifa museums" ("Les musees d'Haifa")
—>  Half-Hours with the Microscope
—>  Half-Hours with the Microscope: Being a Popular Guide to the Use of the Microscope as a means of Amusement and Instruction : 2 entries
—>  Half-Hours with the Telescope; being a Popular Guide to the use of the Telescope as a means of Amusement and Instruction
—>  Halley's Comet
—>  Halley's Comet: an evening discourse to the British Association, at their meeting at Dublin, on Friday, September 4, 1908 : 2 entries
—>  Haly filius Abbas. Liber totius medicine necessaria co[n]tinens / quem sapientissimus Haly filius Abbas discipulus Abimeber Moysi filij Seiar edidit: regiq[ue] inscripsit. unde et regalis dispositionis nome[n] assumpsit. Et a Stephano philosophie discipul
—>  Hamburgisches Magazin
—>  Hamdard Medicus: The Organ of The Institute of Health and Tibbi Research
—>  Hamdard: The Organ of The Institute of Health and Tibbi Research
—>  Hampstead Heath - its Geology and Natural History
—>  "Hand tools to machine tools: the example of the clock industry"
—>  Handbook and Time-Table: Preliminary Issue
—>  Handbook for the Clerk Maxwell Centenary Celebration 1931
—>  Handbook of Basic Microtechnique
—>  Handbook of Bucks County Museum, Aylesbury
—>  Handbook of Chemical Microscopy : 2 entries
—>  Handbook of Dates for Students of English History
—>  Handbook of Meeting
—>  Handbook of Microscopical Technique for Workers in both Animal and Plant Tissues
—>  Handbook of Natural Philosophy: Optics
—>  Handbook of Old Weighing Instruments
—>  Handbook of Oriental History
—>  Handbook of Photomicrography : 2 entries
—>  Handbook of Process Control
—>  Handbook of Public Health and Demography
—>  Handbook of the Collection Illustrating Temperature Measurement and Control: Part II Catalogue of Exhibits with Descriptive Notes
—>  Handbook of the Collection illustrating Time Measurement: Part I Historical Review
—>  Handbook of the Collection Illustrating Time Measurement: Part I: Historical Review
—>  Handbook of the Collection Illustrating Time Measurement: Part II Descriptive Catalogue
—>  Handbook of the collection illustrating typewriters : a brief outline of the history and development of the correspondence typewriter with reference to the national collection, and descriptions of the exhibits
—>  Handbook of the Collection Relating to Heat and Cold: Part II Catalogue of Exhibits with Descriptive Notes
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics - II | Lighter-than-Air Craft | A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Balloon and the Airship with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue of the Exhibits
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics - III | The Propulsion of Aircraft | A Brief Outline of the History and Development of the Aero-Engine and the Airscrew with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue of the Exh
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Aeronautics - I | Heavier-than-Air Aircraft | A Brief Outline of the History and Development of Mechanical Flight with Reference to the National Aeronautical Collection, and a Catalogue of the Exhibits
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Electrical Engineering: II. Radio Communication: Part I.-History and Development
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Industrial Chemistry
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Land Transport: II. Mechanical Road Vehicles: Part II - Descriptive Catalogue
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Pumping Machinery: Part I.-Historical Notes
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Pure Chemistry: Part II - Descriptive Catalogue
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Pure Chemistry: Part II. Descriptive Catalogue
—>  Handbook of the collections illustrating radio communication : its history and development
—>  Handbook of the collections illustrating time measurement : Part II Descriptive catalogue
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Time Measurement: Part I. - Historical Review
—>  Handbook of the collections illustrating time measurement : part 1, historical review
—>  Handbook of the Collections Illustrating Time Measurement: Part II. - Descriptive Catalogue
—>  Handbook of the Exhibition of Napier Relics
—>  Handbook of the Exhibition of Napier Relics and of Books, Instruments, and Devices for Facilitating Calculation

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