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—>  "G. B. Amici e la Magnifica Scienza degli Strumenti"
—>  "G. B. Amici: Il Microscopio a Riflessione. Anticipazioni Storiche, Caratteristiche Tecniche"
—>  G. Calgemain's Circkel
—>  G. F. Brander 1713-1783: Wissenschaftliche Instrumente aus seiner Werkstatt
—>  G.E.C. Catalogue
—>  "Gaging, Measurement and the Control of Artificer's Work in Manufacturung"
—>  Galen on Medical Experience
—>  "Galenic and Animal Sources of Vesalius"
—>  Galerie d'Horlogerie Ancienne [catalogues]
—>  Galilee : aspects de sa vie et de son oeuvre
—>  "Galilee et Marius"
—>  Galileo and the Freedom of Thought
—>  "Galileo and the Problem of Free Fall"
—>  "Galileo and the Telescope"
—>  "Galileo contro Aristotele e Tolomeo"
—>  Galileo e il suo cannocchiale
—>  "Galileo e la Stella Nova"
—>  Galileo e la terminologia tecnico-scientifica
—>  Galileo e Padova: Mostra di Strumenti Libri Incisioni
—>  Galileo Galilei - Naturphilosoph und Begrunder der neuzeitlichen Physik
—>  "Galileo Galilei 1564-1642"
—>  "Galileo Galilei and the measure of time"
—>  'Galileo Galilei and the Measure(ment) of time'
—>  "Galileo Galilei and Time Measurement: a re-examination of pertinent documents"
—>  "Galileo Galilei" : 2 entries
—>  Galileo Galilei: a biography and inquiry into his philosophy of science
—>  Galileo in China; Relations through the Roman College between Galileo and the Jesuit Scientist-Missionaries (1610-1640)
—>  Galileo in Cina: Relazioni attraverso il Collegio Romano tra Galileo e i gesuiti scienziati missionari in Cina (1610-1640)
—>  Galileo IV Centenario
—>  "Galileo on the Distance between the Earth and the Moon"
—>  "Galileo"
—>  Galileo, Courtier: The Practice of Science in the Culture of Absolutism
—>  "Galileo: 350 Anni dal "Dialogo""
—>  Galileo: and his Condemnation
—>  Galileo's Florentine Residences
—>  "Galileo's Misstatements about Copernicus"
—>  "Galileo's Platonism"
—>  "Gallehus Horns, Lunar Declination Cycle, and Ragnarok"
—>  Gallenkamp General Catalogue
—>  Galvani - Volta: A Controversy that led to the Discovery of Useful Electricity
—>  "Galvani and the pre-Galvanian Electrophysiologists"
—>  "Galvanic Cultures: Electricity and Life in the Early Nineteenth Century"
—>  Gamasides
—>  Gamle ure i Danmark
—>  Gammelt Dansk Apoteksinventar
—>  Gandolfi: A Family of Camera Makers
—>  Ganong Botanical Apparatus for Use in Plant Physiology
—>  "Ganong Botanical Apparatus for Use in Plant Physiology: A. General Catalog"
—>  Gantz neu erfundene, leichte und unbetruliche Sonnen und MondsUhr, etc.
—>  "Garcia Galdeano and El Progreso Matematico"
—>  "Garden Making in Early Stuart Times. - III."
—>  Garden Ornaments
—>  Gaspar Correia : inedito
—>  Gassendi: Explorateur des Sciences
—>  "Gawsworth Old Rectory"
—>  Geared to the stars : the evolution of planetariums, orreries, and astronomical clocks
—>  Geared to the Stars: The Evolution of Planetariums, Orreries, and Astronomical Clocks
—>  Gears from the Greeks: The Antikythera Mechanism - A Calendar Computer from ca. 80 B.C.
—>  "Gebrauch und Missbrauch historischer Benennungen in der Mathematik"
—>  Gebrauch Zweyer Neuen Mathematischen Instrumenten
—>  Gedachten over Gisting en Cholera in een Brief van Gerrit Jan Mulder uit 1867.
—>  Gedachtnissausstellung zum 100. Geburtstag von Albert Einstein, Max von Laue, Otto Hahn und Lise Meitner, in des Staatsbibliothek Preussischen Kulturbesitz, Berlin, von 1 Marz - 12 April 1979 und im Theodor-Zink-Museum, Kaiserslautern vom 21 Juni - 31 Jul
—>  Gedanken von den Eigenschaften, Wirkungen und Ursachen der Electricitat, nebst einer Beschreibung zwo neuer Electrischen Maschinen
—>  Gedenkboek van het den 8sten September 1875 gevierde 200-Jarig Herinneringsfeest der Ontdekking van de mikroskopische wezens door Antony van Leeuwenoek
—>  "Geiger counter measurements of Bragg and diffuse scattering of X-rays by single crystals"
—>  Geillustreerde Inventaris van de historische Microscopen onderdelen en Uitrusting
—>  Gelehrten-Lexicon
—>  Gemeinfassliche Anleitung zur Kenntniss des Himmels ... auch zur Verzeichnung regularen Sonnenuhren
—>  "Gemini (Thomas Lambert ou Lambrechts)"
—>  Gemini elementorum astronomiae
—>  Geminos of Rhodes (about 70 BC): An Introduction to the Universe with the aid of a model sphere
—>  Geminos of Rhodes (about 70 BC): An Introduction to the Universe with the aid of a model sphere: A Rendering in English
—>  "Gemma Frisius, his Method of Determining Differences of Longitude by Transporting Timepieces (1530), and his Treatise on Triangulation (1533)"
—>  Gemma Frisius, Tycho Brahe, and Snellius, and their Triangulations
—>  "Gen. John Coffee (1772-1833): Alabama Frontiersman, Land Agent, and Surveyor Part I"
—>  General and Inorganic Chemistry for University Students
—>  "General and Local Administration of Penicillin"
—>  General and Practical Optics
—>  General catalogue
—>  General Catalogue of Laboratory Equipment and Scientific Apparatus
—>  General electrical engineering : a comprehensive introduction for students, apprentices and all connected with the electrical engineering industry
—>  General engineering workshop practice : a guide to the principles and practice of workshop procedure
—>  General Illustrated Catalogue of Alfred Hall, Ltd. Hardware, Metal and Explosive Merchants, Manufacturers and Importers, Cleckheaton, Yorks.
—>  General Laboratory Apparatus: Abridged Catalogue 1958
—>  General Program: First European Regional Conference on Electron Microscopy
—>  General Theory of the Aberration in the Focal Plane of a Parabolic Reflector
—>  General Views of the Application of Galvanism to Medical Purposes; principally in Cases of Suspended Animation
—>  "Generalizations in Geometry as Seen in the History of Developable Surfaces"
—>  "Genes"
—>  "Genese du montage parallactique de la lunette"
—>  Genesis and Geology: A Study in the Relations of Scientific Thought, Natural Theology, and Social Opinion in Great Britain, 1790-1850
—>  "Genesis of Ions by Collision and Sparking-Potentials in Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen"
—>  Genetics, a Periodical Record of Investigations Bearing on Heredity and Variation
—>  Gent: 300 Jaar Geneeskunde
—>  Gentlemen Errant. Being the journeys and adventures of four Noblemen in Europe during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
—>  Gentlemen of Science: Early Years of the British Association for the Advancement of Science
—>  "Geo. Graham, London: Inventor of the Dead-Beat Escapement: An Early Clock by Tompion's Partner"
—>  Geodaesia: or, the Art of Surveying and Measuring Land made Easy. Shewing by Plain and Practical Rules, to Survey, Protract, Cast up, Reduce or Divide any Piece of Land whatsoever; with New Tables for the Ease of the Surveyor in Reducing the Measures of L
—>  Geodates Practicus Redivivus: The Art of Surveying
—>  Geodesy

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