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—>  A "aula de esfera" do Colegio de Santo Antao no seculo XVII
—>  "A 15th Century Islamic Spherical Astrolabe"
—>  "A 16th Century Astronomical Tableclock by Jost Burgi (Justus Borgen) with Non-uniform Motions of the Sun and Moon"
—>  A Africa no planisferio Portugues anonimo "Cantino" (1502)
—>  A Africa ocidental em Os Lusiadas
—>  A Backroom Boy: A True Story
—>  "A Beam Compass by Christoph Trechsler the Elder and the Origin of the Micrometer Screw"
—>  "A bibliographical study of the Galcani and the Aldini writings on Animal electricity"
—>  A Bibliography of Dr Robert Hooke
—>  A Bibliography of Early Modern Algebra, 1500-1800
—>  A Bibliography of editions of Du Verney's Traite de l'Organe de l'Ouie Published between 1683 and 1750 : 2 entries
—>  A Bibliography of George Poulett Scrope: Geologist, Economist and Local Historian
—>  "A Bibliography of German Astrological Works Printed Between 1465 and 1600, with Locations of those Extant in London Libraries"
—>  "A Bibliography of Islamic Astrolabes"
—>  A Bibliography of James Ferguson, F.R.S. (1710-1776), Astronomical & Philosophical Lecturer
—>  A Bibliography of Quantitative Studies on Science and its History
—>  A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy and Mathematics: Part 1: Manuscripts, Texts, Translations and Studies
—>  A Bibliography of the Architecture, Arts and Crafts of Islam: To Ist Jan. 1960
—>  A Bibliography of the Honourable Robert Boyle, F.R.S.
—>  A Bibliography of the Honourable Robert Boyle, F.R.S. (with Addenda)
—>  A Bibliography of the Microscope and Micrographic Studies. Part III. The Diatomaceae
—>  'A Bibliography of the Scientific Instruments of Historical Importance in India'
—>  A bibliography of the works of Sir Isaac Newton : together with a list of books illustrating his works
—>  A Bibliography of Topographical and Geological Works on the Phlegraean Fields : 2 entries
—>  "A Bibliography on Astrolabes during the Islamic Period"
—>  "A Biobibliography of British Mathematics and its Applications up to 1850"
—>  A Biochemical Approach to Pathology
—>  A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
—>  A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to A. D. 1500
—>  A Biographical Sketch of Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B, LL.D., etc. Late Principal Librarian, British Museum
—>  A Bird Family Saga: An outline of the life and works of John Bird (1709-1776) and of later members of the Bird Family
—>  "A Bleaching Method for Melanin and Two Staining Methods"
—>  A Book of Discovery: The History of the World's Exploration, from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole
—>  A Book of Sundial Mottoes
—>  "A Bridge from Arts to Science"
—>  A Brief Account of the Chronometer, with Remarks on those furnished by Parkinson and Frodsham to the Expeditions of Captains Ross, Parry, Sabine, King, Lyon, Foster, and other distinguished navigators, with the Rate of Others tried at the Royal Observator
—>  A Brief Account of the Life, Writings and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland
—>  A Brief Account of the Life, Writings, and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland, Master of Mechanics to Charles the Second
—>  "A brief but urgent appeal to the friends of Isis and of the H.S.S."
—>  A Brief Guide to The Museum of the History of Science Oxford : 2 entries
—>  "A Brief Historical Review on Microfilming ..."
—>  A Brief History of Astronomy in Durham
—>  A brief history of draughtsmen's instruments
—>  "A brief history of draughtsmen's instruments"
—>  A Brief History of Geomagnetism and A Catalog of the Collections of the National Museum of American History
—>  "A Brief History of Glassmaking in Japan"
—>  A Brief History of Science as seen through the Development of Scientific Instruments
—>  A Brief Introduction to Geography: Containing a Description of the Grounds and General Part Therof, very necessary for Young Students in that Science
—>  A Brief Narrative proving the right of the Late William Symington, Civil Engineer, to be considered the Inventor of Steam Land Carriage Locomotion; and also the Inventor and Introducer of Steam Navigation
—>  A Brief Relation of the Life and Death of the late famous Mathematician and Astrologer, Mr Vincent Wing. Together with his Nativity, as it was done, many years before his Death, by his own hand, And now for general satisfaction made publick

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