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—>  A Brief Rule to guide the common-people of New-England how to order themselves and theirs in the Small Pocks, or Measels
—>  A Brief Summary of the Advantages Attendant upon the New Mode of Construction of A Turret Clock, as adopted by B. L. Vulliamy, F.R.A.S., Clock-maker to the King, to the Honorable Board of Ordnance, and to the New Post-Office: Or, In other words, Reasons w
—>  "A brief summary of the principal phenomena of Animal Electricity"
—>  "A Brief Survey of Nineteenth Century Photography in Ireland"
—>  "A Brief Survey of the Exhibits of the Museum of the History of Microscopy (Institute of the History of Science and Technology of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences)"
—>  A Brief Treatise on the Use and Construction of a Case of Instruments for the Improvement and Benefit of Young Students
—>  A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia
—>  A Briefe Discovery of the Idle Animadiversions of Marke Ridley Doctor in Phisicke upon a Treatise entituled, Magneticall Aduertisements / London, Printed by E. Griffin for T. Barlow, 1618.
—>  A Briefe of the Golden Calf: or the Worlds Idol. Discovering the Rarest Miracle of Nature. How in less then a quarter of an hour by the smallest proportion of the Philosophers Stone, a great piece of Common Lead was totally transmuted into the purest tran
—>  A Briefe Treatise containing many proper Tables and easie rules. Very necessary and needful, for the use and commodity of all people: First collected out of certaine learned mens workes
—>  A Briefe Treatise for the ready Use of the Sphere: Lately made and finished in most ample large manner. In the which Globe or Sphere, there is added many strange Conclusions, as wel Caelestiall as Terrestiall, th like here tofore never devised by any. Nec
—>  A Budget of Paradoxes
—>  "A Cabinet of Curiosities: These Are a Few of my Favourite Things"
—>  A Calculation of the Eclipse of the Sun, July the 14th, 1748, In the Morning. With its Geometrical Construction for London, Madrid, and the Middle of Iceland. Together with a Representation of the Passage of the Penumbra over Scotland, and a Description o
—>  A calculator chronicle : 300 years of counting and reckoning tools : the mechanization of arithmetic
—>  "A Calendar for All Seasons"
—>  A Candid and Accurate Narrative of the Operations used in endeavouring to raise his Majesty's Ship ROYAL GEORGE, in the Year 1783; with an Account of the Causes and Reasons which prevented the Success; and also Copies of the Affidavits, Vouchers, Letters,
—>  "A Capillary Tube Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Surface Tension and of Density"
—>  "A Carpenter's Rule Belonging to Thomas Gemmill, Armourer of Glasgow"
—>  A cartografia do Brasil no seculo XVI

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