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—>  ""Ars Medica": Funf Jahrhunderte Medizin in Bildern"
—>  ""Chemical Translation" and the Role of Impurities in Alchemy: Examples from Basil Valentine's Triumph-Wagen"
—>  ""On the Power of Penetrating into Space": The Telescopes of William Herschel"
—>  {... catalogue}
—>  {...}
—>  {...awaiting info...} : 5 entries
—>  {...biographical note...}
—>  {awaiting info ...} : 36 entries
—>  {awaiting info: article on Zeiss Planitarium}
—>  'EPH?ME??S: Or, a Diary Astronomical, Astrological, Meteorological, For the Year of our Lord 1701. Containing, I. The Planets Motions and Aspects, Eclipses, Sun and Moon Rising and Setting, Twilight, Day-break, Planetary-Hour, &c. II. Excellent Astronomic
—>  “Die mathematischen Wissenschaften im mittelalterlichen Bildungskanon der Sieben Freien Kunste”
—>  “Marconi: His Wireless Telegraphy and the Modern World”
—>  “Naturwissenschaftliche und technische Planungsgrundlagen fur die spanische Expedition von 1492”
—>  “Proceedings of the General Assembly of the Division of History of Sciences of the International Union of History and Philogophy of Sciences, Paris, 1968”
—>  “Riddle of the sands of time”
—>  “Robert Robinson and penicillin : an unnoticed document in the saga of its structure”
—>  “Sounder, skivemaskin, bonus, Phillips-kode og <>: Utoverres innovasjoner forbedret telegrafien gjennom 50 ar”
—>  “The navicula sundial : text, image, and object”
—>  “The wartime work of Hinshelwood and his colleagues"
—>  10 000 Jahre Waage. Aus der Entwicklungsgeschichte der Wagenstechnik
—>  10 Lat: Zwiazkowego Muzeum Gorniczego
—>  100 Jaar Radium: De Complexe Geschiedenis van een Element
—>  100 Jahre Dennert & Pape. Aristo-Werke
—>  100 Jahre Elektro technik: Zum 100. Jahrestag der Grundung des Osterreichischen Verbandes fur Elektrotechnik
—>  "100 Jahre Photographie in der Leica-Stadt Wetzlar - Daguerre bis Barnack"
—>  100 Jahre Quantentheorie: Die Vor- und Fruhgeschichte
—>  "100 Years of Astronomical Technology"
—>  "100 Years of Comparison Microscopy: Synopsis of the technical development of instruments for optical comparison"
—>  100 Years of Oxfordshire
—>  100 Years of Radium: The Complex History of an Element
—>  "100 Years of Spectrum Analysis with the Flame"
—>  "100 Years of the Torun Museum"
—>  104th Annual Meeting, Oxford: Handbook of Meeting
—>  "1066 Pearl Street: The Story of the Stecher Drugstore in Cleveland"
—>  125 Jahre Mikrophotographie
—>  "13th General Meeting of the International Astronomical Union"
—>  1403-1903. A Short Account of the Worshipful Company of Stationers
—>  "1480 Astrolabe Bought for Oxford Museum"
—>  150 Classic Cameras: From 1839 to the Present
—>  150 Jahre Mikrophotographie
—>  "150 Jahre Ohmsches Gesetz - 1826 bis 1976"
—>  150 Years of Microscopy
—>  1555 Prognostication of Leonard Digges
—>  16'inci Asirda Osmanlilarda Saat ve Takiyuddinin "Mekanik Saat Konstruksuyonuna Dair En Parlak Yildizlar" Adli Eseri
—>  17 pamphlets dealing with resistance and conductivity metering, especially associated with the firm of Evershed & Vignoles Ltd.
—>  1700-tal Tanke och form i rokokon
—>  1737-1987: Dalla Cattedra di J. B. Beccari ai Dipartimenti: 250 Anni di Chimica
—>  "1831 and All That"
—>  1851 and the Crystal Palace : being an account of the Great Exhibition and its contents ; of Sir Joseph Paxton ; and the erection, the subsequent history and the destruction of his masterpiece
—>  1854-1954: One Hundred Years of Craftsmanship
—>  1856 1906 Vijftig-Jarig Bestaan van de Fabriek Firma Gebr. Caminada Rotterdam
—>  "18-inch Refracting Telescope for the Brazilian Government"
—>  '18th Century British Chemists: Their Ideas and Education'
—>  '18th Century Surveying Instruments of John Thompson'
—>  190 Jahre Optische Industrie Anstalt: 200 Jahre Mikroskope aus Rathenow: 775 Jahre Rathenow
—>  1900: The New Age: A Guide to the Exhibition : 2 entries
—>  1906-2006: Cent Ans de Radiophonie
—>  1908 Camera House Price List
—>  "195 Years of Photochemical Imaging 1794-1989"
—>  1970 Electronics for Measuring Analysis Computation
—>  1970 Solid State Devices Catalog
—>  1979: A Centenary Year
—>  19de-Eeuwse Wetenschappelijke en Didactische Instrumenten in bezit van de Stad Antwerpen: 19th Century Scientific Instruments: Catalogus: Elektriciteitsleer en Rontgenologie: Electricity and X-rays
—>  "19th Century Scientific Instruments"
—>  2000 Jaar Gewichten in de Nederlanden: stelsels, ijkwezen, vormen, makers, merken, gebruik
—>  25 Eeuwen Tijdmeting: Onder auspicien van de Zonnewijzerkring
—>  250 Anniversaire pour la Mesure d'Arcs du Meridien et la Figure de la Terre: 1736-1986: Academie des Sciences Expeditions
—>  "250th Anniversary of England's Oldest Museum: Old Ashmolean, Oxford's Centre of Scientific Study ..."
—>  "2-m Ritchey-Chretien-Coude Reflecting Telescope Supplied to the People's Republic of Bulgaria"
—>  300 Jahre Mikroskop
—>  300 Years Advertising Science
—>  "35 Years Astronomical Research Work with Zeiss-Jena Instruments at the Vatican Observatory"
—>  37 The Broad : the memoirs of an Oxford doctor
—>  38th Catalogue of Watson Microscopes and Accessories
—>  4 steps to longitude: an exhibition to mark the bicentenary of the first successful trial in 1762 of John Harrison's fourth marine timekeeper.
—>  47th Annual Report, 1960
—>  48th Annual Conference, July, 1937
—>  50 Jahre Wild Heerbrugg 1921-1971.
—>  50 Things to See
—>  500 Jahre Regiomontan 500 Jahre Astronomie: Ausstellung der Stadt Nurnberg und des Kuratoriums "Der Mensch und der Weltraum e.V." in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nurnberg 2.10.1976-2.1.1977
—>  5000 Jahre Vermessungswesen
—>  5000 Jahre Zeitmessung
—>  5000 Years of Surveying
—>  51st Annual Report of the Executive Committee for the year ending 31 March 1967
—>  "550 eve szuletett Regiomontanus (1436-1476)"
—>  600 Jahre Astronomie in Nurnberg
—>  64th Annual Report
—>  "70 Years Astronomical Instruments Department Part II: 1947 to 1967 The New Start"
—>  "70 Years Astronomical Instruments Department Part I: 1897 to 1946"
—>  70 Years of Radio Tubes and Valves: A Guide for Electronic Engineers Historians and Collectors
—>  75 jaar Museum Boerhaave
—>  75 Jahre Plancksches Wirkungsquantum - 50 Jahre Quantenmechanik
—>  "75 Years Leitz Periplan Eyepieces"
—>  "75 Years of "Illumination Methods for Photomicrographic Purposes" by A. Kohler"
—>  "75 Years of Leitz Binocular Microscopes"
—>  "75 Years of Zeiss Lenses"
—>  775 Jahre Rathenow
—>  800 Devises de Cadrans Solaires
—>  900 Jahre Nurnberg 600 Jahre Nurnberger Uhren
—>  A "aula de esfera" do Colegio de Santo Antao no seculo XVII
—>  "A 15th Century Islamic Spherical Astrolabe"
—>  "A 16th Century Astronomical Tableclock by Jost Burgi (Justus Borgen) with Non-uniform Motions of the Sun and Moon"
—>  A Africa no planisferio Portugues anonimo "Cantino" (1502)
—>  A Africa ocidental em Os Lusiadas
—>  A Backroom Boy: A True Story
—>  "A Beam Compass by Christoph Trechsler the Elder and the Origin of the Micrometer Screw"
—>  "A bibliographical study of the Galcani and the Aldini writings on Animal electricity"
—>  A Bibliography of Dr Robert Hooke
—>  A Bibliography of Early Modern Algebra, 1500-1800
—>  A Bibliography of editions of Du Verney's Traite de l'Organe de l'Ouie Published between 1683 and 1750 : 2 entries
—>  A Bibliography of George Poulett Scrope: Geologist, Economist and Local Historian
—>  "A Bibliography of German Astrological Works Printed Between 1465 and 1600, with Locations of those Extant in London Libraries"
—>  "A Bibliography of Islamic Astrolabes"
—>  A Bibliography of James Ferguson, F.R.S. (1710-1776), Astronomical & Philosophical Lecturer
—>  A Bibliography of Quantitative Studies on Science and its History
—>  A Bibliography of Sanskrit Works on Astronomy and Mathematics: Part 1: Manuscripts, Texts, Translations and Studies
—>  A Bibliography of the Architecture, Arts and Crafts of Islam: To Ist Jan. 1960
—>  A Bibliography of the Honourable Robert Boyle, F.R.S.
—>  A Bibliography of the Honourable Robert Boyle, F.R.S. (with Addenda)
—>  A Bibliography of the Microscope and Micrographic Studies. Part III. The Diatomaceae
—>  'A Bibliography of the Scientific Instruments of Historical Importance in India'
—>  A bibliography of the works of Sir Isaac Newton : together with a list of books illustrating his works
—>  A Bibliography of Topographical and Geological Works on the Phlegraean Fields : 2 entries
—>  "A Bibliography on Astrolabes during the Islamic Period"
—>  "A Biobibliography of British Mathematics and its Applications up to 1850"
—>  A Biochemical Approach to Pathology
—>  A Biographical Dictionary of Scientists
—>  A Biographical Register of the University of Oxford to A. D. 1500
—>  A Biographical Sketch of Sir Anthony Panizzi, K.C.B, LL.D., etc. Late Principal Librarian, British Museum
—>  A Bird Family Saga: An outline of the life and works of John Bird (1709-1776) and of later members of the Bird Family
—>  "A Bleaching Method for Melanin and Two Staining Methods"
—>  A Book of Discovery: The History of the World's Exploration, from the Earliest Times to the Finding of the South Pole
—>  A Book of Sundial Mottoes
—>  "A Bridge from Arts to Science"
—>  A Brief Account of the Chronometer, with Remarks on those furnished by Parkinson and Frodsham to the Expeditions of Captains Ross, Parry, Sabine, King, Lyon, Foster, and other distinguished navigators, with the Rate of Others tried at the Royal Observator
—>  A Brief Account of the Life, Writings and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland
—>  A Brief Account of the Life, Writings, and Inventions of Sir Samuel Morland, Master of Mechanics to Charles the Second
—>  "A brief but urgent appeal to the friends of Isis and of the H.S.S."
—>  A Brief Guide to The Museum of the History of Science Oxford : 2 entries
—>  "A Brief Historical Review on Microfilming ..."
—>  A Brief History of Astronomy in Durham
—>  A brief history of draughtsmen's instruments
—>  "A brief history of draughtsmen's instruments"
—>  A Brief History of Geomagnetism and A Catalog of the Collections of the National Museum of American History
—>  "A Brief History of Glassmaking in Japan"
—>  A Brief History of Science as seen through the Development of Scientific Instruments
—>  A Brief Introduction to Geography: Containing a Description of the Grounds and General Part Therof, very necessary for Young Students in that Science
—>  A Brief Narrative proving the right of the Late William Symington, Civil Engineer, to be considered the Inventor of Steam Land Carriage Locomotion; and also the Inventor and Introducer of Steam Navigation
—>  A Brief Relation of the Life and Death of the late famous Mathematician and Astrologer, Mr Vincent Wing. Together with his Nativity, as it was done, many years before his Death, by his own hand, And now for general satisfaction made publick
—>  A Brief Rule to guide the common-people of New-England how to order themselves and theirs in the Small Pocks, or Measels
—>  A Brief Summary of the Advantages Attendant upon the New Mode of Construction of A Turret Clock, as adopted by B. L. Vulliamy, F.R.A.S., Clock-maker to the King, to the Honorable Board of Ordnance, and to the New Post-Office: Or, In other words, Reasons w
—>  "A brief summary of the principal phenomena of Animal Electricity"
—>  "A Brief Survey of Nineteenth Century Photography in Ireland"
—>  "A Brief Survey of the Exhibits of the Museum of the History of Microscopy (Institute of the History of Science and Technology of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences)"
—>  A Brief Treatise on the Use and Construction of a Case of Instruments for the Improvement and Benefit of Young Students
—>  A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia
—>  A Briefe Discovery of the Idle Animadiversions of Marke Ridley Doctor in Phisicke upon a Treatise entituled, Magneticall Aduertisements / London, Printed by E. Griffin for T. Barlow, 1618.
—>  A Briefe of the Golden Calf: or the Worlds Idol. Discovering the Rarest Miracle of Nature. How in less then a quarter of an hour by the smallest proportion of the Philosophers Stone, a great piece of Common Lead was totally transmuted into the purest tran
—>  A Briefe Treatise containing many proper Tables and easie rules. Very necessary and needful, for the use and commodity of all people: First collected out of certaine learned mens workes
—>  A Briefe Treatise for the ready Use of the Sphere: Lately made and finished in most ample large manner. In the which Globe or Sphere, there is added many strange Conclusions, as wel Caelestiall as Terrestiall, th like here tofore never devised by any. Nec
—>  A Budget of Paradoxes
—>  "A Cabinet of Curiosities: These Are a Few of my Favourite Things"
—>  A Calculation of the Eclipse of the Sun, July the 14th, 1748, In the Morning. With its Geometrical Construction for London, Madrid, and the Middle of Iceland. Together with a Representation of the Passage of the Penumbra over Scotland, and a Description o
—>  A calculator chronicle : 300 years of counting and reckoning tools : the mechanization of arithmetic
—>  "A Calendar for All Seasons"
—>  A Candid and Accurate Narrative of the Operations used in endeavouring to raise his Majesty's Ship ROYAL GEORGE, in the Year 1783; with an Account of the Causes and Reasons which prevented the Success; and also Copies of the Affidavits, Vouchers, Letters,
—>  "A Capillary Tube Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Surface Tension and of Density"
—>  "A Carpenter's Rule Belonging to Thomas Gemmill, Armourer of Glasgow"
—>  A cartografia do Brasil no seculo XVI
—>  A Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist
—>  A Catalogue of 10,300 multiple and double stars arranged in the order of right ascension
—>  A Catalogue of 3735 Circumpolar Stars observed at Redhill in the Years 1854, 1855, and 1856, and reduced to mean positions for 1855
—>  A Catalogue of all Graduates in Divinity, Law, and Medicine; and of all Masters of Arts and Doctors of Music, who have regularly proceeded or been created in the University of Oxford, between Oct. 10, 1659, and Oct. 10, 1800. To which are added, the Chanc
—>  A Catalogue of Antique Maps, Plans and Views of the City and County of Oxford
—>  "A Catalogue of Books and Instruments, Made and sold by Joseph Moxon, at his Shop in Russel street, at the Signe of Atlas"
—>  "A Catalogue of Books and Instruments, Made and sold by Joseph Moxon, at his shop on Corn-hil, at the Signe of Atlas"
—>  A Catalogue of Books Printed Before 1641 in the Science Museum Library
—>  A Catalogue of Books, Mainly of the Eighteenth Century, From the Library at Hartwell House, Aylesbury, Bucks. And other Properties
—>  "A Catalogue of Books, Mapps, and Instruments, Made and Sold by Joseph Moxon, at his Shop on Ludgate-Hill at the Sign of the Atlas"
—>  A catalogue of books, maps and prints : Winter 2007
—>  A catalogue of chymicall books. : In three parts. In the first and second parts are contained such chymical books as have been written originally, or translated into English: with a large account of their titles, several editions and volumes. Likewise in
—>  A Catalogue of circumpolar stars, deduced from the observations of Stephen Groombridge
—>  A Catalogue of early globes made prior to 1850 and conserved in the United States
—>  A Catalogue of European Scientific Instruments in the Department of Medieval and Later Antiquities of the British Museum
—>  "A Catalogue of Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial, Spheres, Maps, Sea-Plates, Mathematical Instruments and Books, Made and Sold by J. Moxon, at the Sign of Atlas in Warwick-Lane"
—>  "A Catalogue of Globes, Celestial and Terrestrial, Spheres, Maps, Sea-Plats, Mathematical Instruments, and Books, made and sold by J. Moxon, at the Sign of Atlas in Warwick Lane"
—>  A Catalogue of Globes, Maps, etc. made by the late John Senex, F.R.S. and continued to be sold by his Widow, MARY SENEX, at the Globe, over against St Dunstan's Church, Fleet-Street; where may be had all Maps and Globes, etc. as in Mr Senex's Lifetime
—>  A Catalogue of Important and Rare Books on Botany, the History of Botany. Medicine and the History of Medicine, comprising the Library of the Late Dr Edmond Bonnet, with an addenda of recent purchases (Botany, Agriculture, Forestry, Fruit-Culture, Gardeni
—>  A Catalogue of Incipits of Medieval Scientific Writings in Latin
—>  A Catalogue of Instruments and Models in the Possession of the American Philosophical Society
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by George Adams, Mathematical Instrument Maker to His Majesty, and Optician to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, no. 60, Fleet-Street, London : 2 entries
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by George Adams, Mathematical Instrument Maker to His Majesty, and Optician to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, No. 60, Fleet-Street, London.
—>  'A Catalogue of Mathematical Instruments Cases and Related Instruments from the Landau Collection in the Louvre'
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical, Optical, and Philosophical Instruments manufactured and sold by Newton & Co. Working Opticians and Globe Makers to the Queen, 3, Fleet Street, Temple Bar, London
—>  "A Catalogue of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments, As Made and Sold by George Adams, At Tycho Brahe's Head, in Fleet-Street, London"
—>  "A Catalogue of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments, Made under the Inspection and Direction of George Adams, Mathematical Instrument-Maker to His Majesty George III"
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments, As Made and Sold by Thomas Heath, and Tycho Wing, Near the Savoy Gate in the Strand, London
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments, made and sold by John Troughton, successor to Benjamin Cole, At his Shop, the Sign of the Orrery, no. 136, in Fleet-Street, London
—>  A Catalogue of Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instruments, Made under the Inspection and Direction of George Adams, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty George the IIId
—>  A Catalogue of Medieval and Renaissance Optical Manuscripts
—>  A Catalogue of Nautical, Mathematical, Optical, and Surveying Instruments, manufactured and sold by George Lowther, 62, Grainger Street, Newcastle-on-Tyne
—>  A Catalogue of Optical & Mathematical Instruments manufactured and sold by P. Carpenter, Microcosm, No. 24, Regent Street, (four doors below Piccadilly,) London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical and Philosophical Instruments, etc., Made and Sold by W. & S. Jones : 3 entries
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by W. & S. Jones, (30) Lower Holborn, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made by P. and J. Dollond, Opticians to His Majesty, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made by P. and J. Dollond, Opticians to His Majesty, in St. Paul's Church-Yard and St. James's Haymarket, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by Willm. and Saml. Jones. At their Shop, no. 135, next Furnival's Inn, Holborn, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by Willm. and Saml. Jones, At their Shop, no. 135, next Furnival's Inn, Holborn, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by W. Cary, 181, Strand, near Norfolk Street
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by W. and S. Jones, no. 30, Lower Holborn, London. 1830
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, Made and Sold by W. and S. Jones, [No. 135,] Next Furnival's-Inn, Holborn, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by Francis West, Successor to Mr. Adams, Optician to Her Majesty, 83, Fleet Street, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by Francis West, Successor to Mr. Adams, Optician to Her Majesty, 83, Fleet Street, and 41, Strand (near Charing Cross)
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments, made and sold by W. and S. Jones, no. 30, Lower Holborn, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Philosophical and Mathematical Instruments made and sold by Dudley Adams, Globe Manufacturer and Mathematical Instrument Maker, West Side of Charing-Cross, London
—>  A Catalogue of Optical, Philosophical and Mathematical Instruments, made and sold by Andrew Ross, 2, Featherstone Buildings, Holbourne
—>  "A Catalogue of Papers Concerning the Dates of Publication of Natural History Books"
—>  "A Catalogue of Philosophical, Optical, and Mathematical Instruments, Made and Sold by Benjamin Martin, At his Shop, the Sign of the Visual Glasses and Globe, two Doors below Crane-Court, in Fleet-Street"
—>  A Catalogue of Philosophical, Optical, and Mathematical Instruments Made and Sold by Benjamin Martin, and Son, At their Shop, the Sign of Hadley's Quadrant and Visual-Glasses, near Crane-Court, in Fleet-Street, (no. 171.)
—>  A Catalogue of Philosophical, Optical, and Mathematical Instruments Made and Sold by Benjamin Martin, At his Shop, the Sign of Hadley's Quadrant and Visual-Glasses, near Crane-Court, in Fleet-Street
—>  A Catalogue of Philosopical, Optical, and Mathematical Instruments Made and Sold by Benjamin Martin ...
—>  A Catalogue of Photographic Lenses, etc.
—>  A Catalogue Of several Curious Figures of Human Anatomy in Wax, Taken from the Life. With Several other Valuable Preparations (The Works of the late Ingenious Monsieur Denoue, of Paris, who was Forty Years in making these Excellent Emblems of Nature)
—>  A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Apparatus, manufactured by Weiss and Son, no. 62, Strand, London
—>  A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Appliances
—>  A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances. Operating Tables. Sterilizers, Hospital Euqipment. Sterilized Surgical Dressings. Surgical Sutures and Ligatures
—>  A Catalogue of Surviving Early Scientific Instruments of Yale College
—>  [A Catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum ...]
—>  A Catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum, Descriptive of the Zoological Specimens, Antiquities, Coins, and Miscellaneous Curiosities : 2 entries
—>  A Catalogue of the Civil and Mechanical Engineering Designs 1741-1792 of John Smeaton, F. R. S. Preserved in the Library of the Royal Society
—>  A Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Microscopes, formed by the late Sir Frank Crisp, Bart
—>  A Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Microscopes, formed by the late Sir Frank Crisp, Bart.
—>  A Catalogue of the Collection of Antique Microscopes, formed by the late Sir Frank Crisp, Bart. ... to be sold on Tuesday, February 17, 1925
—>  A Catalogue of the Library of the Chemical Society
—>  A Catalogue of the Library of the Corporation of the City of London: Instituted in the Year 1824
—>  A Catalogue of the Library of the Russell Institution
—>  A Catalogue of the Microscopy Collections at the Science Museum, London.
—>  A Catalogue of the Portsmouth Collection of Books and Papers Written by or Belonging to Sir Isaac Newton the scientific portion of which has been presented by the Earl of Portsmouth to the University of Cambridge
—>  "A Catalogue of the Right Ascensions of 1009 Stars contained in the Catalogue of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, being chiefly those of the 6th and 7th magnitude"
—>  A Catalogue of the Scientific & Navigational Instruments in the Admiral's Room, Snowshill Manor, nr. Broadway, Worcestershire
—>  A Catalogue of the Scientific Manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library
—>  A Catalogue of the Various Editions of Napier's Works
—>  A Catalogue of those stars in the Histoire Celeste Francaise of Jermome Delalande for which tables of reduction to the epoch of 1800 have been published by Professor Schumacher. Reduced at the Expense of the British Association for the Advancement of Scie
—>  A Catalogue of Tools for Watch & Clock Makers by John Wyke of Liverpool
—>  A Catalogue of various Clocks, Watches, Automata, and Other Miscellaneous Objects of European Workmanship dating from the XVIIIth Centuries, in the Palace Museum and the Wu Ying Tien, Peiping
—>  A Catalogue Raisonne of Scientific Instruments from the Louvain School, 1530-1600
—>  A Catalogue, Chronologically Arranged, of the Collection of Clocks, Watches, Chronometers, Movements, Seals, etc.
—>  A celebration of Cornish sundials
—>  A Celebration of Photography: William Henry Fox Talbot 150th Anniversary at Lacock Abbey 1839-1989
—>  A celebration of the tercentenary of the microscope in living biology
—>  A Census of British Newspapers and Periodicals 1620-1800
—>  'A census of William Blaeu's sixty-eight centimetre globes'
—>  A Centennial in Dartmouth's History
—>  A Century of Botany 1835-1885-1935
—>  A Century of British Chemistry
—>  A Century of Cameras from the Collection of the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House
—>  "A Century of Catching up with Babbage"
—>  "A Century of Chemistry"
—>  A Century of Progress
—>  A Century of Scientific Instrument Making 1853-1953
—>  A Century of Service: A Brief History of Cable and Wireless
—>  A Century of Silver
—>  "A Century of Zoology at Edinburgh"
—>  A Century of Zoology at the British Museum Through the lives of two keepers 1815-1914
—>  "A Century-Old Chemical Balance" : 2 entries
—>  A Century's Progress in Astronomy : 2 entries
—>  A chart of 187 mechanical movements, with description of each
—>  A Chart of the Northern Hemisphere, on an equal-surface projection: Shewing all the Stars in Argelander's series of forty full-sheet Charts, - 324,198 in all, with a Key-Map on the same projection : 2 entries
—>  "A Chart to Illustrate the History of Biochemistry and Physiology"
—>  A Check List of British Euclids up to 1850
—>  A Check List of the E. DeGolyer Collection in the History of Science and Technology as of August 1, 1954
—>  "A Chinese Sun-Dial"
—>  A Choice of Sundials
—>  A Chronologically Arranged List of People Concerned in the Development of Chemistry'
—>  "A Chymist in Oxford" : 2 entries
—>  A Class Book of Elementary Chemistry
—>  A Class Book of Physics
—>  A Classified Bibliography on the History of Scientific Instruments
—>  A Classified List of Early and Recent Books on Cinema including stills, programmes, periodicals, etc. with special sections on Pre-Cinema and Victorian Photography
—>  "A Clock sent thither by the Royal Society"
—>  "A collection of Armillary Spheres and other antique Scientific Instruments"
—>  A Collection of English Words not Generally used, with their Significations and Original, in two Alphabetical Catalogues, the one of such as are proper to the Northern, the other to the Southern Counties. With an Account of the preparing and refining such
—>  A Collection of Letters Illustrative of the Progress of Science in England from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth to that of Charles the Second : 2 entries
—>  A Collection of Medieval Mortars
—>  "A Collection of Old Sundials"
—>  A Collection of Problems in illustration of the principles of Theoretical Mechanics
—>  A collection of scarce and valuable treatises, upon metals, mines, and minerals. : In four parts. Part I. and II. Containing the art of metals, written originally in Spanish. By the learned Albaro Alonso Barba, director of the mines at Potosi, in the Span
—>  A Collection of Tables, Astronomical, Meteorological, and Magnetical, also, for Determining the Altitudes of Mountains; comparison of French and English Weights and Measures, etc., computed in the Office of the Honorable East India' Company's Magnetic Obs
—>  "A 'College' for the Royal Society: The Abortive Plan of 1667-1668"
—>  A Comissao de cartografia e a cartografia Portuguesa Antiga
—>  A Commentary on Plato's Timaeus
—>  A Commentary upon Biruni's Kitab Tahdid al-Amakin: An 11th Century Treatise on Mathematical Geography
—>  A Common Wealth: Museums and Learning in the United Kingdom
—>  A Companion for the Mountain Barometer; consisting of Tables ... Together with a Description and Use of the most Improved Mountain Barometers
—>  A Companion to Mr. Bullock's London Museum and Pantherion
—>  A Companion to the Mountain Barometer, consisting of tables for computing heights of mountains. together with a description and use of the most improved Mountain Barometers
—>  A Companion to the Telescope
—>  A Comparative View of the Naturalist's Calendar, as kept at Selborne, in Hampshire, by the late Rev. Gilbert White, M.A. and at Catsfield, near Battle, in Sussex, by William Marwick from the year 1768 to the year 1793
—>  A Comparative View of the Principles of the Fluxional and Differential Calculus. Addressed to the University of Cambridge
—>  A Comparison of the Features of the Earth and the Moon
—>  "A Compass Card by Paul Revere (?)"
—>  A Compendious and Methodical Account of the Principles of Natural Philosophy: as they are Explain'd and Illustrated in the Course of Experiments, perform'd at the Academy in Little Tower-Street
—>  A Compendious System of Natural Philosophy: With Notes Containing the Mathematical Demonstrations, And Some Occasional Remarks
—>  A Compendious Treatise on the Theory and Solution of Cubic and Biquadratic Equations, and of Equations of the Higher Orders
—>  "A Compendium of All Known William Herschel Telescopes" : 2 entries
—>  A Compendium of Anatomy, Human and Comparative: Intended principally for the use of students
—>  A Compleat Body of Husbandry. Containing Rules for performing, in the most profitable Manner, the whole Business of the Farmer and Country Gentleman, in Cultivating and Planting of Land. ... Together with the most approved Methods of Practice in the sever
—>  A Compleat Collection of English Proverbs
—>  A compleat course of chymistry containing not only the best chymical medicines but also great variety of useful observations. : To which are added the author's experiments upon metals, by way of appendix
—>  A Compleat Course of Experimental Philosophy and Astronomy
—>  A Compleat History of Druggs written in French by Monsieur Pomet, Chief Druggist to the late French King Lewis XIV. To which is added, what is further observable on the same Subject, from Mess. Lemery and Tournefort, divided into Three Classes, Vegetable,
—>  A Compleat System of Opticks in Four Books, viz. A Popular, a Mathematical, a Mechanical, and a Philosophical Treatise. To which are added Remarks upon the Whole : 2 entries
—>  A Compleat System of Opticks. In Four Books, viz. A Popular, a Mathematical, a Mechanical, and a Philosophical Treatise. To which are added Remarks upon the Whole
—>  A Complete Catalogue of The Arabic Publications of The Dairatu'l-Ma'arif-il-'Osmania, (Osmania Oriental Publications Bureau) Hyderabad-Deccan 1952
—>  A Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation, and Nautical Astronomy, containing all necessary instructions for keeping a ship's reckoning at sea: with the most improved methods of ascertaining the Latitude and Longitude, and every requisite to form The Com
—>  A Complete Manual of the Edison Phonograph
—>  A Complete System of Astronomy
—>  A complete treatise on electricity, in theory and practice : with original experiments
—>  A Complete Treatise on Practical Land-surveying in All its Departments: Designed Chiefly for the Use of Schools and Private Students. ...
—>  "A Computed Cuneiform Text for Mercury from Babylon: B.M. 48147"
—>  A Computed List of New Moons for 319 B.C. to 316 B.C. from Babylon: B.M. 40094
—>  A Computerized Checklist of Astrolabes
—>  A Concise Essay on Magnetism; with an Account of the Declination and Inclination of the Magnetic Needle; and an Attempt to Ascertain the Cause of the Variation thereof : 2 entries
—>  A concise guide to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium at Gothenburg
—>  A Concise History of Photography
—>  A Concise History of Science in India
—>  A concise introduction to the knowledge of the globes
—>  A Concise Ready Reckoner and Collection of Tables for Business and Other Purposes
—>  A Concise Treatise on Eccentric Turning: to which are added Practical Observations on the uses of the Eccentric Cutting Frame, the Drilling Frame, and the Universal Cutting Frame : 3 entries
—>  A Conference on Science, Technology and the Roots of Britain's Present Malaise
—>  A Confidential History of the Research Laboratories
—>  A Confutation of Atheism, from The Laws and Constitution of the Heavenly Bodies: in Four Discourses Preached before the University of Cambridge; with An Introduction, Notes, and an Appendix
—>  A Congregation for the Conferment of Honorary Degrees followed by the Inaugural Ceremony of the 150th Annual Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science [and] One-Hundred and Fiftieth Annual Meeting of the British Association for the
—>  A Connecting Link Between the Orient and the Occident: Al-Ghazzali and Maimonides
—>  A Continuation of New Experiments Physico-Mechanical, Touching the Spring and Weight of the Air, and their Effects : 2 entries
—>  "A Contribution to the Historical Record by Microphotography: An Overlooked Photograph of the C.S.S. Alabama"
—>  "A Contribution to the Interpretation of Babylonian Mathematics; Triangles with Regular Sides"
—>  A Course in Chemical Spectroscopy
—>  A Course in Fourier's Analysis and Periodogram Analysis for the mathematical laboratory
—>  A Course of Experimental Philosophy : 4 entries
—>  A Course of Hydrostatical and Pneumatical Experiments, to be Perform'd at the Observatory in Trinity-College
—>  A Course of Lectures in Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Geography and Astronomy: in which the Properties, Affections, and Phaenomena of Natural Bodies, hitherto discover'd, Are exhibited and explain'd on the Principles of the Newtonian Philosophy. Un
—>  A Course of Lectures in Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Geography and Astronomy: In which the Properties, Affections, and Phaenomena of Natural Bodies, hitherto discovered, Are exhibited and explained on the Principles of the Newtonian Philosophy
—>  A Course of Lectures in Natural Philosophy, Illustrating the Principal Phaenomena of Nature, by assigning the true Causes, And confirming the same by a great Variety of Experiments
—>  A Course of Lectures on Natural Philosophy and the Mechanical Arts
—>  A Course of Mechanical and Experimental Philosophy and Astronomy
—>  A course of mechanical, optical, hydrostatical and pneumatical experiments
—>  A course of practical chemistry : arranged for the use of medical students : 5 entries
—>  A course of six lectures on the chemical changes of carbon : delivered before a juvenile auditory at the Royal Institution of Great Britain during the Christmas holidays of 1868-69
—>  A course of six lectures on the chemical history of a candle : to which is added a lecture on platinum
—>  A Course of six lectures on the Various Forces of Matter and their relations to each other : 2 entries
—>  "A Critical Study of the Origins and Early Development of Hypodermic Medication"
—>  A Criticism of the Cell-Theory; being an Answer to Mr. Sedgwick's Article on the Inadequacy of the Cellular Theory of Development
—>  A Cycle of Celestial Objects
—>  A Cycle of Celestial Objects, for the use of Naval, Military and Private Astronomers
—>  "A Damme, en Flandre, une horloge des ducs de Bougogne"
—>  "A Dampener for the Dowsers"
—>  "A Database for a Survey of Italian Laboratories since 1861"
—>  "A Day in the Life of Robert Lassam"
—>  A Decade of Accessions: Selected Instruments Acquired by the Whipple Museum of the History of Science between 1980 and 1990
—>  A Decade of Progress in the design and manufacture of Scientific optical instruments and apparatus
—>  "A Defect in the Sprengel Pump: Its Causes and a Remedy"
—>  A Defence of Halley against the Charge of Religious Infidelity
—>  A Defence of the Observations on the First Chapter of a Book called Miscellanea Analytica
—>  A Definition of Terms, and Tables of Specific Attraction; as used in Courses of General Chemistry; given by ...
—>  A Delineation of the Strata of Derbyshire ...
—>  A Delineation of the Strata of Derbyshire, forming the Surface from Bolsover in the East to Buxton in the West, by a Plate, designed from a Tablet, composed of the specimens of each stratum within the above lines, with an Explanatory Account of the same;
—>  A Demonstration of Dr Matthew Stewart's 42d Proposition, or 39th Theorem, which has remained without one for Sixty-five Years
—>  A Description and Use of Hadley's Quadrant, For taking the Latitude or other Altitudes at Sea
—>  A Description concerning such Mechanism as will afford a nice, or true Mensuration of Time; together with some Account of the Attempts for the Discovery of the Longitude by the Moon: As also An Account of the Discovery of the Scale of Musick
—>  "A description of a Fire Engine" [&] "A machine for grinding lenses separately"
—>  "A Description of a Transit Circle, for determining the place of Celestial Objects as they pass the Meridian"
—>  A Description of a Transit Circle, for determining the place of celestial objects as they pass the meridian
—>  A Description of Active and Extinct Volcanos; with remarks on their Origin, their Chemical Phaenomena, and the Character of their products, as determined by the condition of the earth during the period of their formation: Being the substance of some lectu
—>  "A Description of an Universal Microscope, made by Mr. Ayscough, in Ludgate-street. Sent us by our old Correspondent Amico-Mathematicus"
—>  A Description of Brasses and Other Funeral Monuments in the Chapel of Magdalen College
—>  A Description of Dollond's Improved Reflecting & Repeating Circle, with Geographical Notices, Extracted from Captain Sabine's Work on the Pendulum
—>  "A Description of Ephydatia blembingia, with an Account of the Formation and Structure of the Gemmule"
—>  A Description Of Helioscopes And some other Instruments
—>  A Description of Helioscopes, ...
—>  A Description of Helioscopes, and some other Instruments
—>  "A Description of Mr. Neale's Celestial Patent Globe. With a Copper-Plate of that curious Machine in its proper Colours"
—>  A Description of Pocket and Magazine Cases of Mathematical Drawing Instruments, in which is explained the Use of each Instrument, and particularly of the Sector and Plain Scale, in the Solution of a Variety of Problems; likewise, the Description, Construc
—>  A Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithmes: with a Declaration of the most Plentifull, Easie, and Speedy use thereof in both kinds of Trigonometry, as also in all Mathmaticall Calculations
—>  A Description of the Air--Pump, According to the Late Mr. Hawksbee's best and last Improvements; etc. ...
—>  A Description of the Air-Pump, Made in Form of a Table; with the Manner of making the most curious Experiments thereon
—>  A Description of the Changeable Magnetic Properties possessed by all Iron Bodies, and the Different Effects produced by the same on Ship's Compasses, from the position of the ship's head being altered
—>  A Description of the Compleat Microscopic Apparatus
—>  A Description of the Compound (Commonly call'd the Reflecting or Double) Microscope, with Great Improvements : 2 entries
—>  A description of the dipleidoscope, or double-reflecting meridian and altitude instrument : with plain instructions for the method of using it in the correction of time-keepers
—>  A Description of the Dipleidoscope, or Double-Reflecting Meridian and Altitude Instrument; with Plain Instructions for the Method of Using it in the Correction of Time-Keepers
—>  A description of the Dipleidoscope, or double-reflecting meridian and altitude instrument by Edward J. Dent with plain instructions for the method of using it in the correction of time-keepers
—>  A Description of the Double Barrel Air-Pump, with the Apparatus for Making the Different Experiments, as Represented in the Plate : 2 entries
—>  "A Description of the Fire-Engine" [and] "A Machine for grinding Lenses spherically"
—>  A Description Of the Great Burning-Glass Made by Mr. Villette and his Two Sons, Born at Lyons. With some Remarks upon the surprising and wonderful Effects thereof : 2 entries
—>  A Description of the great Burning-Glass made by Mr Villette and his Two Sons, born at Lyons. With some Remarks upon the surprising and wonderful Effects thereof
—>  A Description of the Lunar Planispheres engraved by the late John Russell, Esq. R. A. from his Original Drawings
—>  [A Description Of the most valuable Kinds of Microscopes Now in Use ...]
—>  A Description Of the most valuable Kinds of Microscopes Now in Use: viz. The Pocket Microscope, together with the New Invention for fixing it on a Pedestal, and giving Light to Objects by a Speculum; The Double Reflecting Microscope; The Microscope for vi
—>  A Description of the Nature and Motions of Comets, with a history of Several Comets, Which have appeared since the Year 1337; to which is added, an account of the Comet of the Year 1811
—>  A Description of the Nature, Construction, and Use of the Torricellian, or Simple Barometer. With a Scale of Rectification for estimating the True Altitude of the Column of Mercury (equal to the Weight of the Atmosphere) to the Hundredth Part of an Inch.
—>  A Description of the New-Invented Table Air-Pump: With the manner of Performing the most Curious Experiments on it: The Figures of the Air-Pump Glasses, And all the Machines belonging to it, being curiously Engrav'd on Copper-Plates
—>  "A Description of the Principle and Method of Using the Common and Reflective Goniometers"
—>  A Description of the Principle and Method of Using the Common & Reflective Goniometers
—>  A Description of the Selenographia: An Apparatus for Exhibiting the Phenomena of the Moon. Together with an Account of some of the Purposes which it may be applied to
—>  A description of the slide rule : with particular directions for the use of the glass slide rule invented by M. Leon Lalanne
—>  A Description of the Solar, or, Camera Obscura Microscope
—>  A Description of the Solar, or, Camera Obscura Microscope,
—>  A Description of the Use of the New Maritime Theodolite, or Azimuth Compass, Invented by J. Dobbins, R.N. London
—>  A description of the Wallingford clock at St. Albans Cathedral
—>  "A Description of the Water Microscope"
—>  A Description of Two Methods by which the Irregularities in the Motion of a Clock, arising from the Influence of Heat and Cold upon the Rod of the Pendulum, may be prevented. Read at the Royal Society, June 4, 1752. To which are added A Collection of Pape
—>  A Description with Plates of the Timekeeper Invented by the Late Mr. Thomas Mudge : to which is prefixed a narrative, by Thomas Mudge, his son (1799)
—>  A Description, with Plates, of the Time-Keeper invented by the late Mr. Thomas Mudge. To which is prefixed a Narrative, by ... , his Son, of Measures taken to give effect to the Invention since the reward bestowed upon it by the House of Commons in the ye
—>  A Descriptive Catalogue of Chemical Apparatus, Berlin and Dresden Porcelain, Chemical Tests, etc.
—>  A Descriptive Catalogue of Chemical Apparatus, Berlin and Dresden Porcelain, Chemical Tests, etc. Manufactured and Sold by Charles Button, Operative and Manufacturing Chemist, Late Dymond & Co., 146, Holborn Bars, London
—>  A Descriptive Catalogue of Electrical, Voltaic, Pneumatic, and Optical Instruments & Apparatus
—>  A Descriptive Catalogue of the Portraits, Busts, Silver, and other objects of interest in the Royal College of Physicians of London
—>  A Descriptive Treatise on Mathematical Drawing Instruments, Their Construction, Uses, Qualities, Selection, Preservation, and Suggestions for Improvements, with Hints Upon Drawing And Colouring
—>  A Descriptive, Analytical, and Critical Catalogue of the Manuscripts bequeathed unto the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole, Esq., M.D., F.R.S., ...
—>  A determinacao da declinacao solar na nautica dos descobrimentos
—>  A Determination of the exact Moments of Time when the Planet Venus was at external and internal contact with the Sun's Limb, in the Transits of June 6th, 1761; and June 3d, 1769
—>  A Dial in Your Poke: A Book of Portable Sundials
—>  A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy ...
—>  A Dictionary of Chemistry and Mineralogy, with an Account of the Processes employed in many of the most important Chemical Manufactures. To which are added a Description of Chemical Apparatus, and various useful Tables of Weights and Measures, Chemical In
—>  A Dictionary of Chemistry and the Allied Branches of Other Sciences. Founded on that of the late Dr Ure
—>  A Dictionary of Chemistry, exhibiting the present State of the Theory and Practice of that Science, its Application to Natural Philosophy, the Process of Manufactures, Metallurgy, and numerous other Arts dependant on the Properties and Habitudes of Bodies
—>  A Dictionary of Chemistry. Containing the Theory and Practice of that Science; its application to Natural Philosophy, Natural History, Medicine, and Animal Economy: with Full Explanations of the Qualities and Modes of Acting of Chemical Remedies: and the : 2 entries
—>  A Dictionary of Christian Biography, Literature, Sects and Doctrines; being a continuation of 'The Dictionary of the Bible'
—>  A Dictionary of English Weights and Measures from Anglo-Saxon Times to the Nineteenth Century
—>  A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography by Various Writers
—>  A Dictionary of Photography for the Amateur and Professional Photographer : 2 entries
—>  A Dictionary of the English and German Languages for Home and School in Two Parts. Second Part: German-English.
—>  A Dictionary of Universal Biography : 2 entries
—>  A Dictionary, Persian, Arabic, and English
—>  "A Different World"
—>  A Direct Reading Tacheometer
—>  A Directory of English Country Physicians 1603-1643
—>  A Directory of Sheffield: A Reproduction of the 1787 Directory of Sheffield which includes the Marks of the Cutlers, Scissor and Filesmiths, Edgetool and Sickle Makers
—>  "A Discourse concerning a Method of Discovering the true Moment of the Sun's Ingress into the Tropical Signs"
—>  A Discourse of Gravity and Gravitation, grounded on Experimental Observations: Presented to the Royal Society, November 12. 1674
—>  A Discourse of Natural Bathes, and Mineral Waters. Wherein, the Original of Fountains in general is declared. The nature and difference of Minerals, with Examples of particular Bathes. The Generation of Minerals in the Earth, from whence both the Actual H
—>  A Discourse of the Plague; Wherein Dr Mead's Notions are Consider'd and Refuted
—>  "A Discourse of the Rule of the decrease of the hight of the Mercury in the Barometer, according as places are Elevated above the Surface of the Earth, with an attempt to discover the true reason of the Rising and Falling of the Mercury, upon change of We
—>  A Discourse on the Revolutions of the Surface of the Globe, and the changes thereby produced in the Animal Kingdom
—>  A Discourse on the Study of Science in its relations to Individuals and to Society
—>  A Discourse Setting forth the Unhappy Condition of the Practice of Physick in London, And Offering Some means to put it into a better; for the Interest of Patients, no less, or rather much more, then of Physicians
—>  A Discovery Of A New World, Or, A Discourse Tending to prove, that 'tis Probable there may be another Habitable World in the Moon. With a Discourse Concerning the Probability of a Passage thither. Unto which is Added, A Discourse Concerning a New Planet, : 2 entries
—>  A Discovery of Subterranean Treasure; viz. of all Manner of Mines and Minerals, from the Gold to the Coal; with plain Directions and Rules for the finding of them in all Kingdoms and Countries. And also, the Art of Melting, Refining, and Assaying of them
—>  A Dispensatory, or Commentary on the Pharmacopoeias of Great Britain comprising the natural history, description, chemistry, pharmacy, actions, uses, and doses of the articles of the Materia Medica.
—>  A Dissertation concerning Electricity
—>  A dissertation on elective attractions
—>  A Dissertation on the Aether of Sir Isaac Newton
—>  A Dissertation on the Antiquity of the Earth, Read at the Royal Society, 12th May, 1785
—>  A Dissertation On The Different Figures of the Coelestial Bodies; And From Thence Some Conjectures concerning the Stars which seem to alter their Magnitude; and concerning Saturn's Ring. With a Summary Exposition of the Cartesian and Newtonian Systems
—>  A Dissertation on the Different Figures of the Coelestial Bodies ... With a Summary Exposition of the Cartesian and Newtonian Systems
—>  A Dissertation on the General Properties of Eclipses; and particularly the ensuing Eclipses of 1748, considered through all its periods
—>  A Dissertation upon the Phaenomena of the Harvest Moon. Also, The Description and Use of a new Four-Wheel'd Orrery, and An Essay upon the Moon's turning round her own Axis : 2 entries
—>  A dissertation upon the phaenomena of the harvest moon
—>  "A Dissertation upon the Sacred Cubit of the Jews, and the Cubits of the several Nations; in which, from the Dimensions of the greatest Egyptian Pyramid, as taken by Mr. Greaves, the antient Cubit of Memphis is determined"
—>  "A Doctor and His Books: Harvey Cushing and His Library"
—>  A Draught of a Design for Writing the History of Nature and Arts of the County of Somerset
—>  "A Dream of the New Museum"
—>  A evolucao da ciencia nautica durante os seculos XV-XVI na cartografia portuguesa da epoca
—>  A Familiar Introduction to the study of Polarized Light; with a description of, and instructions for using, the table and hydro-oxygen polariscope and microscope : 6 entries
—>  A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy, explaining the General Phenomena of the Celestial Bodies. Written expressly to accompany Urania's Mirror or a View of the Heavens; consisting of thirty-two cards, on which are represented all the Constellations visible in
—>  A Familiar Treatise on Astronomy, explaining the General Phenomena of the Celestial Bodies; with Numerous Graphic Illustrations. Expressly Written to Accompany Urania's Mirror, or A View of the Heavens; Consisting of Thirty-Two Cards, on which are represe
—>  "A Few Notes on Egyptian and Babylonian Mathematics"
—>  "A fifteenth century planispheric astrolabe made at Granada"
—>  "A Fifteenth-Century Botanical Glossary"
—>  "A Fine American Tribute"
—>  "A Finite and Exact Expression for the Refraction of an Atmosphere nearly resembling that of the Earth"
—>  A First Book of the Lens. An Elementary Treatise on the Action and Use of the Photographic Lens
—>  "A five letter word in any language"
—>  "A Footnote to the History of the Barometer"
—>  "A Forerunner of Mascheroni"
—>  "A Forgotten Cistercian System of Numerical Notation"
—>  "A Forgotten Naturalist of the Seventeenth Century: William Cole of Bristol and his collections"
—>  "A Fortification Sector to the 1673 Design of Sir Jonas Moore"
—>  "A Fourteenth Century Tunisian Sundial for Regulating the Times of Muslim Prayer"
—>  A Fourth Exhibition of Antique Dental and Medical Instruments
—>  "A Frame of Reference for Mason and Dixon"
—>  "A Friend of Pepys. Sir W. Petty. Seer, Inventor and Reformer"
—>  A Full Confutation of Dr Jurin's Reply to the Remarks on his Essay upon Distinct and Indistinct Vision
—>  A further account of the rise and progress of astronomy amongst the ancients, in three letters to Martin Folkes, Esq., President of the Royal Society
—>  "A Further Improvement in the Sprengel Pump"
—>  A Further Note on Dr. Johann Bartholomew Adam Beringer
—>  A Further Report upon the Effects of Sawdust on Fish Life
—>  "A Future for the Past: History and the Public Understanding of Science"
—>  "A Galilean Telescope"
—>  A General and Particular Account of the Annular Eclipse of the Sun, which will happen On Sunday, April 1, 1764, in the Forenoon. With a General and Particular Map of the Passage of the Moon's Shade, or Penumbra, over the Earth, from the Entrance to the Ex
—>  A general system of chemical knowledge; : and its application to the phenomena of nature and art
—>  A General View of the Writings of Linnaeus : 2 entries
—>  "A Geological Museum of the Early Seventeenth Century"
—>  'A geological museum of the early Seventeenth Century'
—>  "A Geomantic Model for the Interpretation of Mesoamerican Sites: An Essay in Cross-Cultural Comparison"
—>  A Geometricall Extraction, or, A Compendious Collection of the Chiefest and Choisest Problemes, Selected out of the best and latest Writers. Whereunto are added above Thirty Problemes of the Authors own Invention, being performed by a better and briefer w
—>  "A Georgian Astrolabe of the Eighteenth Century"
—>  A German-English Technical and Scientific Dictionary
—>  A Girdle Round About the Earth: Astronomical and Geographical discovery, 1460-1630
—>  A golden and blessed casket of nature's marvels
—>  "A Goodly Huge Cabinet"
—>  "A Great Country Doctor: Francis Adams of Banchory (1796-1861)"
—>  "A great pioneer of scientific instrument making: the astrolabes and dials of Humphrey Cole of London" : 2 entries
—>  "A Gregorian Telescope"
—>  A Guide for the Use of the Micro-Photographic-Apparatus as constructed in the Optic-Mechanical Manufactory of C. Reichert, Vienna, VIII. Bennogasse 24-26
—>  "A Guide to Copernicana in the Malcolm A. Love Library"
—>  A Guide to Early Photographic Processes
—>  A Guide to Francis Galton's English Men of Science
—>  A Guide to Geology
—>  A Guide to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars
—>  "A guide to graduate study and research in the history of science and medecine"
—>  A Guide to Microform Holdings in the Bodleian Library
—>  A Guide to Photography Containing Simple and Practical Details of the Latest and Most Improved Processes for the Production of Pictures by the Chemical Action of Light, including Photogenic Drawing, Calotype, Daguerreotype, Crysotype, Anthotype, Energeaty
—>  A Guide to the Adler Planetarium : 2 entries
—>  A Guide to the Archives and Manuscripts of the Royal Society
—>  A guide to the collection of gemstones in the Geological Museum (Museum of Practical Geology)
—>  A Guide to the Engineering Properties of Iron Castings
—>  A Guide to the Fossil Remains of Man in the Department of Geology and Palaeontology in the British Museum (Natural History) Cromwell Road, London, S.W.7
—>  A Guide to the Historic Scientific Instruments in the Whipple Museum of the History of Science : 2 entries
—>  A Guide to the History of Science: A First Guide for the Study of the History of Science with Introductory Essays on Science and Tradition.
—>  A Guide to the Hunterian Museum
—>  A Guide to the knowledge of Pottery, Porcelain, and other objects of Vertu. Comprising an Illustrated and Descriptive Catalogue of the Bernal Collection of Works of Art
—>  A Guide to the Literature on Spectral Data
—>  A Guide to the Official Archives of The Natural History Museum, London
—>  A Guide to the Old Observatories at Delhi; Jaipur; Ujjain; Benares
—>  A Guide to the Papers of Julian Sorell Huxley
—>  "A Guide to the United States Patent and Trade Mark Literature"
—>  A Guide to the United States Patent and Trade Mark Literature
—>  A Guide to the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum
—>  "A gunner's compound compass or English callipers"
—>  "A Hair Helped to Hang Him!"
—>  A Handbook and Directory of Old Scottish Clockmakers from 1540 to 1850 A.D.
—>  A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy II. Instruments and Practical Astronomy
—>  A Handbook of Maharajah Jaisingh's Astronomical Observatory, Delhi
—>  A Handbook of Medical Electricity
—>  A Handbook of Ophthalmic Science and Practice
—>  A Handbook of Organic Analysis Qualitative and Quantitative
—>  A Handbook of the Microscope and Microscopic Objects with Descriptive Lists of Upwards of 1780 Objects and Full Directions for Obtaining, Preparing and Viewing Them
—>  A Handbook of the Platinotype Process of Photographic Printing
—>  A Handbook of the Prismatic Astrolabe: being a concise and practical guide to the employment of the instrument in the field, designed for the use of geographical and hydrographical surveyors with star-tables adapted for the easy preparation of programmes
—>  A Handlist of Trade Catalogues and Associated Literature in the Wellcome Museum of the History of Medicine : 2 entries
—>  A Heavenly Library: Treasures from the Royal Observatory's Crawford Collection
—>  A help to English history
—>  "A Higher Branch of the Art": Photographing the Fine Arts in England, 1839-1880
—>  A historia do descobrimento das ilhas da Madeira por Roberto Machim em fins do seculo XIV = The story of Robert Machin's discovery of the Madeira Islands late in the XIV century
—>  A Historical Account of the Ashmolean Natural History Society of Oxfordshire, 1880-1905
—>  "A Historical Study on the Prismatic Astrolabe"
—>  A History and Handbook of Photography
—>  A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy
—>  A History of Astronomy from Thales to Kepler
—>  A history of British animals : exhibiting the descriptive characters and systematical arrangement of the genera and species of quadrupeds, birds, reptiles, fishes, mollusca, and radiata of the United Kingdom ; including the indigenous, extirpated, and ext
—>  A history of British quadrupeds, including the Cetacea
—>  A History of Cartography
—>  A history of chemical theory : from the age of Lavoisier to the present time
—>  A History of Chemistry
—>  A history of chemistry from earliest times to the present day : being also an introduction to the study of the science : 2 entries
—>  A History of Chemistry in Canada
—>  A History of Comparative Anatomy from Aristotle to the Eighteenth Century
—>  A History of Computing Technology
—>  A History of Crustacea: Recent Malacostraca
—>  A History of Drugs
—>  A History of Electrical Engineering
—>  A History of Electricity
—>  "A History of Electricity in Medical Treatment"
—>  A History of Embryology
—>  A History of Engineering Metrology
—>  A History of English Clocks
—>  A History of Glass Bottles
—>  A History of Glassmaking
—>  A History of Greek Fire and Gunpowder
—>  A History of Greek Mathematics
—>  A History of Halley's Comet; with an account of its Return in 1835, and a Chart, showing its Situation in the Heavens
—>  A History of Hindu Chemistry from the Earliest Times to the Middle of the Sixteenth Century A. D.
—>  A History of Iberian Civilization
—>  A History of Industrial Chemistry
—>  A History of Infusoria, including the Desmidiaceae and Diatonaceae, British and Foreign
—>  A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins : 2 entries
—>  A History of Japanese Astronomy: Chinese Background and Western Impact
—>  A History of Machine Tools, 1700-1910
—>  A History of Magic and Experimental Science
—>  A History of Marine Navigation : 2 entries
—>  A History of Mathematics
—>  A History of Mechanical Engineering
—>  A History of Mechanical Inventions
—>  A History of Medical Education from the most remote to the most recent times
—>  A History of Medicine
—>  A History of Metallurgy
—>  A History of Microtechnique: The Evolution of the Microtome and the Development of Tissue Preparation
—>  A History of Mountains, Geographical and Mineralogical. Accompanied by a Picturesque View of the Principal Mountains of the World, in their respective proportions of height above the level of the sea. By Robert Andrew Riddell
—>  A History of Mountains, Geographical and Mineralogical. Compiled by ... to Accompany a Picturesque View of the Principal Mountains of the World, in their respective Proportions of Height above the level of the sea, painted and published January 1, 1806, b : 2 entries
—>  A History of Nautical Astronomy
—>  A History of Non-Printed Science: A Select Catalogue of The Waller Collection
—>  A History of Oxfordshire
—>  A History of Persian Navigation
—>  A History of Platinum and its Allied Metals
—>  A History of Platinum: from the earliest times to the eighteen eighties
—>  A History of Science and its Relations with Philosophy & Religion : 2 entries
—>  A History of Science Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th & 17th Centuries
—>  A History of Science Technology, and Philosophy in the Eighteenth Century
—>  A History of Science, Technology, and Philosophy in the 16th & 17th Centuries
—>  A History of Science: Ancient Science through the Golden Age of Greece
—>  A History of Science: Hellenistic Science and Culture in the last three centuries B.C.
—>  A History of Scientific and Technical Periodicals: the origins and development of the scientific and technical press 1665-1790
—>  A History of Seamanship
—>  "A History of Some Pharmaceutical Presentations"
—>  A History of Technology : 7 entries
—>  A History of Technology & Invention: Progress Through the Ages
—>  'A History of the College Laboratories in Oxford'
—>  A History of the Daubeny Laboratory, Magdalen College, Oxford
—>  "A History of the Development of the Telescope from about 1675 to 1830 based on Documents in the Court Collection"
—>  A History of the Fossil Insects in the Secondary Rocks of England. accompanied by a particular account of the strata in which they occur, and of the circumstances connected with their preservation
—>  A History of the Hope Entomological Collections in the University Museum Oxford with Lists of Archives and Collections
—>  A History of The Institution of Electrical Engineers 1871-1971
—>  A History of the Linnean Society of London
—>  A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments
—>  A History of the Marconi Company
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theories of Attraction. and the Figure of the Earth, from the time of Newton to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Mathematical Theory of Probability from the Time of Pascal to that of Laplace
—>  A History of the Navigator's Sextant
—>  A history of the Ordnance Board
—>  A History of the Ordnance Survey
—>  "A History of the Periodic Table"
—>  A History of the Photographic Lens
—>  A History of the Royal Society with memoirs of the presidents compiled from authentic documents
—>  A History of the Royal Society, with Memoirs of the Presidents
—>  A History of the Sciences: Main Currents of Scientific Thought
—>  A History of the Society of Antiquaries
—>  A History of the Theories of Rain and other Forms of Precipitation
—>  A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology
—>  A History of the Three Cathedrals Dedicated to St. Paul in London with Reference Chiefly to their Structure and Architecture, and the Sources whence the Necessary Funds were Derived
—>  A History of the University of Oxford
—>  A history of the warfare of science with theology in Christendom
—>  A History of Two Societies 1965-1990
—>  A History of Western Astrology
—>  A History of Western Technology
—>  A History of Wonderful Inventions
—>  A Horizontal Sun-Dial on Handsome Pedestal
—>  A Hundred Alchemical Books : 2 entries
—>  A Hundred Years of Anthropology
—>  A Hundred Years of Medicine
—>  A Hundred Years of Physics
—>  "A Hunterian Museum Manuscript on Magic"
—>  "A Hymne of Paradise"
—>  "A John Mercer Centenary"
—>  A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts
—>  A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem; at Easter, A.D. 1697
—>  A Key to Helmont. Or, a short Introduction To the better understanding of the Theory and Method Of the most Profound Chymical Physicians
—>  A Key to the First Part of an Introduction to Practical Arithmetic
—>  "A Korean Astronomical Screen of the Mid-Eighteenth Century from the Royal Palace of the Yi Dynasty (Choson Kingdom, 1392-1910)"
—>  A la Conquete des Mers Marins et Marchands des Bas-Pays
—>  "A la recherche des collections perdues a Geneve"
—>  A la Rencontre de Galilee: Deux Voyages en Italie
—>  A Laboratory Manual in Astronomy
—>  A Laboratory Outline of General Chemistry
—>  "A Lancashire Entomologist in the Time of Queen Elizabeth"
—>  "A Lantern Clock Signed 'Thomas Knifton at the [Crossed Keys] in Lothbury Fecit' and its Context"
—>  A Latin Dictionary founded on Andrews' Edition of Freund's Latin Dictionary Revised, Enlarged, and in Great Part Rewritten
—>  "A Latin Treatise on the Chilindre (XIII. Century)"
—>  A learned treatise of Globes, Both Celestiall and Terrestriall: with their severall uses
—>  A Lecture on the History of the Law of Gravitation, delivered before the Islington Literary and Scientific Society, November 8th., 1856
—>  A Lecture on the History of the University Archives
—>  A Lecture on the Perpetual Motion
—>  "A Lecture with experiments on various subjects giving an account of several surprising Phenomena touching Light and Electricity"
—>  "A Legend of Salerno - How Constantine the African brought the art of Medicine to the Christians"
—>  A Letter from Galileo
—>  "A Letter from Mr. Rich. Dunthorne to the Rev. Dr Long, F.R.S. Master of Pembroke-Hall in Cambridge, and Lowndes's Professor of Astronomy and Geometry in that University, concerning Comets"
—>  A Letter from Richard Phillips, F. R. S. (1778-1857) to Michael Faraday, F. R. S. (1791-1867)
—>  "A Letter of Monsieur Cassini to the Publisher, giving his corrections to the Theory of the five Satellites of Saturn; With Tables of the Motions of those Satellites; adapted to the Meridian of London, and the Julian Account"
—>  "A Letter of William Dugdale, 1653"
—>  A Letter On Catheters Written by Benjamin Franklin to his brother John ... : 2 entries
—>  A Letter on Steam Gun-Boats of Shallow Draught and High Speed
—>  A Letter to Benjamin Franklin, LL.D., Fellow of the Royal Society, in which his Pretensions to the Title of Natural Philosopher are considered
—>  A Letter to Dr Hooker ... from Dr Acland ...
—>  A Letter to Hugh Hamilton, D.D. Dean of Armagh
—>  A Letter to Mr George Adams on the Subject of Medical Electricity
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory, in reply to the Calumnies of Mr. Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his book entitled The Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Board of Visitors of the Greenwich Royal Observatory in reply to the Calumnies of Mr Babbage at their Meeting in June 1853, and in his Book entitled the Exposition of 1851
—>  A Letter to the Fellows of the Royal and the Royal Astronomical Societies, in reply to the Obituary Notice of the late Rev. Richard Sheepshanks, by the President and Council of the Royal Society; and Report of the Council of the Royal Astronomical Society
—>  "A Letter to the Members of Lincoln College, Oxford, on the Proposed Changes in their College, by the Bishop of Lincoln, Visitor of the College"
—>  A Letter to the Rev. Principal Hill, on the Case of Mr. John Leslie, Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh; by the Author of Two Letters to Principal Hill, etc.
—>  A Letter to the Reverend Dr Powell, Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge; in Answer to his Observations on the First Chapter of a Book entitled Miscellanea Analytica and his Defence of those Observations
—>  A Letter to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone on the Statutes of the University of Oxford Commission
—>  A Letter to the Right Honoruable George Earl of Maccles-field. Concerning an Apparent Motion (Nutation) observed in some of the Fixed Stars
—>  A Letter to the Right Honourable Sir Joseph Banks, K. B. President of the Royal Society of London: Containing Strictures on his Letter to the National Institute of France
—>  A Life of Travels
—>  "A Light from 1066"
—>  "A List of Apparatus now in Manchester which belonged to Dr J. P. Joule, F.R.S., with Remarks on his MSS. Letters and Autobiography"
—>  A List of British Balance Makers 1625 - 1974
—>  A List of Bygones in the possession of the Museum
—>  A List of Irish Watch and Clock Makers
—>  "A List of Magic Lantern Manufacturers and Dealers Active in England During the 19th Century"
—>  A List of Members of the Clockmakers' Company of London from the Period of their Incorporation in 1631 to the year 1732
—>  A List of Portraits, etc., in the Royal College of Physicians of London : 2 entries
—>  "A List of Spectroscopes and Apparatus, manufactured and sold by William Ladd, 11 and 12, Beak Street, Regent Street, London, W. Microscope and Philosophical Instrument Manufacturer, by appointment to The Royal Institution of Great Britain, etc., etc., et
—>  "A List of Test Objects, Principally Double Stars, arranged in Classes, for the Trial of Telescopes in Various respects, as to Light, Distinctness, etc."
—>  "A List of the Optical and Philosophical Instruments mentioned in this Book; with the Prices at which they are made and sold by W. Harris, no. 47, Holborn, London"
—>  A List of the Paintings, Sculptures, Miniatures, &c.: with 108 Illustrations
—>  "A List of the Portraits in the Royal Society of Edinburgh with Biographical Notes"
—>  A List of the Royal Military College at Sandhurst
—>  A List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. June 5, 1760
—>  A List of Theses in History of Science in British Universities in Progress or Recently Completed
—>  A List of Two Thousand Microscopic Objects; with remarks on the circulation in animals and plants; the method of viewing crystals by polarized light; etc. etc. etc. forming a Guide for selecting and labelling subjects of natural history, botany, and miner : 2 entries
—>  "A Livonian Sundial made for Generalsuperintendent Fischer"
—>  A L'Occasion du 400th Centenaire de la Mort de Luca Ghini
—>  "A Long-Lost Letter of Galileo to Peiresc on a Magnetic Clock"
—>  "A Low Viscosity Nitrocellulose Method for Cutting Sections of the Eye"
—>  "A Machine for grinding Lenses spherically"
—>  A madeira do Brasil na construcao e reparos de embarcacoes
—>  A Madeira na rota dos descobrimentos e expansao Atlantica
—>  "'A Magazin of all Manner of Inventions': Museums in the Quest for 'Salomon's House' in Seventeenth-Century England"
—>  "A Magic Mirror of Buddhist Significance"
—>  A malograda viagem de Diogo Carreiro a Tombuctu em 1565
—>  "A Man who Chases Shadows of Time"
—>  A Manual of Chemical Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative
—>  A manual of chemistry, descriptive and theoretical. Part 1
—>  A manual of elementary chemistry : theoretical and practical : 3 entries
—>  A Manual of Elementary Geology: or, the Ancient Changes of the Earth and its Inhabitants as Illustrated by geological monuments : 3 entries
—>  A Manual of Elementary Microscopical Manipulation for the Use of Amateurs
—>  A Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy
—>  A manual of injurious insects with methods of prevention and remedy for their attacks to food crops, forest trees, and fruit : to which is appended a short introduction to entomology
—>  A manual of metallurgy
—>  A Manual of Optical Instruments Containing Directions for Testing their Efficiency and Value; with Plain and Concise Instructions for the Practice of Photography, Electro-Metallurgy, &c., and an Appendix, Illustrating the Latest and Most Esteemed Improvem
—>  A Manual of Photographic Chemistry
—>  A Manual of Photographic Manipulation, Treating of the Practice of the Art; and its various applications to Nature
—>  A Manual of Photography : 2 entries
—>  A Manual of Spherical and Practical Astronomy: Embracing the General Problems of Spherical Astronomy, the Special Applications to Nautical Astronomy, and the Theory and Use of Fixed and Portable Astronomical Instruments. With an Appendix on the Method of
—>  A manual of the anatomy of vertebrated animals
—>  A Manual of the Barometer
—>  A Manual of the Hand Lathe: comprising concise directions for working metals of all kinds, ivory, bone and precious woods; dyeing, coloring, and french polishing; inlaying by veneers, and various methods practiced to produce elaborate work with dispatch,
—>  A Manual of the History of the Political System of Europe and its Colonies, from its formation at the close of the Fifteenth Century to its re-establishment upon the fall of Napoleon
—>  A Manual of the Infusoria: Including a Description of all known Flagellate, Ciliate, and Tentaculiferous Protozoa, British and Foreign, and an Account of the Organisation and Affinities of the Sponges
—>  A Manual of the Principal Instruments used in American Engineering and Surveying Manufactured by W. & L. E. Gurley, Troy, N. Y.
—>  A Manual of the Thermometer; Containing its History and Use as a Meteorological Instrument. To which is Added, an Essay on the Vapour-Point and Terrestrial Radiation: also, a General Outline of the Climate of the Eastern Part of England
—>  A manual of zoology
—>  'A Manuscript on Navigation of 1703'
—>  A manuscript sea atlas, drawn by Romeyn de Hooghe in 1681
—>  A Map of the World
—>  A Marinharia Dos Descobrimentos
—>  "A Marvellous Invention within the reach of all: the Kinora Viewing Machine"
—>  A Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary
—>  A Mathematical Companion, Or, The Description and Use of a New Sliding-Rule, by which many useful and necessary questions in Arithmetic, etc., may speedily be resolved, etc.
—>  A Mathematical Compendium or Useful Practices in Arithmetic, Geometry, and Astronomy, etc. ... Dialling, etc.
—>  A Mathematical Gazetteer
—>  A Mathematical Manual: Or, Delightful Associate
—>  A Mathematical Manual; containing Tables of Logarithms for Numbers, Lines & Tangents: With the manifold Use thereof, briefly Explained and Applied, in Arithmetick, Geometry, Astronomy, Geography, Surveying, Navigation, Dyalling, Gunnery and Gauging
—>  "A Mathematical System For Identifying the Stars of an Astrolabe and finding its Age"
—>  "A Mathematical Theory of Natural and Artificial Selection. Part III"
—>  A Mathematical Theory of Spirit: Being an attempt to employ certain mathematical principles in the elucidation of some metaphysical problems
—>  "A Mathematician Among the Molasses Barrels: Maclaurin's Unpublished Memoir on Volumes"
—>  "A Matter of Record; Photography in the Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies"
—>  "A maximum-minimum method of determining the cardinal points of a lens system"
—>  "A Mean Sidereal Time Clock"
—>  A Measure of Time: 25th Anniversary Trevor Philip & Sons
—>  A Mechanical Account of Poisons in Several Essays
—>  A Mechanical Account of Poisons, in Several Essays
—>  "A Mediaeval portable sun-dial"
—>  A Medical Bibliography: A Check-List of texts illustrating the history of the Medical Sciences
—>  A Medical History of Plymouth, 1620-1977
—>  "A Medici Palace Clock"
—>  "A Medieval Brass Mortar from South Wales and its Affinities"
—>  "A Medieval Coin-Balance from Roche Abbey, Yorkshire"
—>  "A Medieval Iterative Algorism"
—>  "A Medieval Monastic Water-clock"
—>  A Meeting of Minds
—>  "A Megalithic Lunar Observatory in Islay"
—>  A memoir of the late Ebenezer Henderson : astronomer & antiquarian ; with reprints of "The royal tombs at Dunfermline" and "The old letter"
—>  A Memoir on the Best Method of Measuring Time at Sea, which obtained the Double Prize adjudged by the Royal Academy of Sciences, containing The Description of the Longitude Watch presented to His Majesty the 5th of August 1766. By M. Le Roy, Jun., Clock-m
—>  A Messieurs les membres de l'Academie des Sciences
—>  "A Method for the Determination of the Specific Heats of Liquids, and a Determination of the Specific Heats of Aniline and Benzene over the Approximate Range 20 C. to 50 C."
—>  "A Method for the Determination of the Volume of Blood in Animals"
—>  "A Method of Analysing Stellar Variability"
—>  A Method of Ascertaining the Latitude in the Northern Hemisphere by a Single Altitude of the Polar Star, at any time; with Tables computed for that purpose
—>  A Method of Correcting the Errors due to the Forms of the Pivots of a Transit Instrument
—>  A Method of Making useful Mineral Collections. To which are added, Some Experiments on a Deliquescent Calcareous Earth, or Native Fixed Sal Ammoniac
—>  "A Method of Photographic Registration of Small Volume Changes with Some Results when Applied to the Trachea"
—>  A method of procuring black and violet colors in the positive proofs : and of more permanently fixing them by the use of chloride of gold and hydrochloric acid
—>  "A Microscope by Alexis Magny"
—>  "A Microscope by John Dollond (1706-1761) from the Collection of the Optical Museum in Jena" [and] "Microscopes of Simon Plossl (1794-1868) from the Collection of the Optical Museum in Jena"
—>  "A Microscope Fit for a King Presented to the Science Museum by H. M. The King: the Second of Two Silver Microscopes Made for George III. and The Prince of Wales by George Adams, Author of "Micrographia Illustrata""
—>  "A Middle-Babylonian Chemical Text"
—>  "A Miniature World Map by Jodocus Hondius (1563-1611)"
—>  A Mirror for Surgeons: Selected Readings in Surgery
—>  "A Modern View of Lunar Distances"
—>  "A Modification of a Sandison-Clark Chamber for Observation of Transparent Tissue in the Rabbit's Ear"
—>  "A Modification of Ranson's Silver Nitrate Method for Demonstrating Axis Cylinders"
—>  "A Modified Ross Microscope"
—>  A More Beautiful City: Robert Hooke and the Rebuilding of London after the Great Fire
—>  A Moslem Seeker After God: Showing Islam at its Best in the Life and Teaching of Al-Ghazali Mystic and Theologian of the Eleventh Century
—>  "A most compendious and facile Method for Constructing the Logarithms, exemplified and demonstrated from the Nature of Numbers, without any regard to the Hyperbola, with a speedy Method for finding the Number from the Logarithm given"
—>  A most excellent and perfecte homish apothecarye or homely physick booke / for all the grefes and diseases of the bodye
—>  "A MS. from the Tradescant Collection"
—>  "A Muszaki Muzeum Geodeziai Muszer Gyujtemenye"
—>  A Narrative of Facts relating to some Time-Keepers, constructed by Mr Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea: together with Observations upon the conduct of the Astronomer Royal respecting them
—>  A Narrative of Facts relating to some Time-keepers, constructed by Mr. Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea: together with Observations upon the Conduct of the Astronomer Royal respecting them
—>  A Narrative of the Proceedings relative to the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea; by Mr John Harrison's Time-Keeper, Subsequent to those published in the Year 1763
—>  A natural arrangement of British plants : according to their relations to each other, as pointed out by Jussieu, De Candolle, Brown, &c. ; including those cultivated for use ; with an introduction to botany, in which the terms newly introduced are explain
—>  A Naturalist's Voyage: Journal of Researches into the Natural History and Geology of the countries visited during the voyage of H. M. S. 'Beagle' round the World, under the Command of Captain Fitz Roy
—>  A Naval and Military Technical Dictionary of the French Language
—>  A New and Compendious System of Optics : 2 entries
—>  A New and Complete Dictionary of Arts & Sciences, Including the latest Improvement & Discovery and the Present State of every branch of Human Knowledge
—>  A new and comprehensive system of mathematical institutions, agreeable to the present state of the Newtonian mathesis : 2 entries
—>  A new and comprehensive system of philology; : or, a treatise of the literary arts and sciences, according to their present state
—>  A New and Demonstrative Solution of the Geometric Quadrature of the Circle, and of the Geometric Mean, effected by Charles Hudson, of Calcutta; ... And now Faithfully Published for the information of Philosophers and Mathematicians, in the English, Latin
—>  A New and Easie Method to the Art of Dyalling. Containing etc...
—>  A New and Easy Method of Applying a Tube for the cure of the Fistula Lachrymalis
—>  A New and Genuine Method of finding the Longitude of a Ship at Sea. As also, the Place and Latitude of the Moon, by the Method of Interpolation
—>  "A New and Great Treasure-House for the Nation. The National Maritime Museum to be Opened by H.M. the King"
—>  A New and Invaluable Help in Negative Making: The Chapman Jones Patent Plate Tester
—>  A New and Universal Dictionary of Pure and Mixed Mathematics
—>  "A new calculating slide rule, equivalent to a straight slide rule 83 feet 4 inches long, or, a circular rule 13 feet 3 inches in diameter"
—>  A New Chapter in Musical Acoustics
—>  "A new copy of the map of the British Isles by Gerard Mercator 1564"
—>  "A New Departure in the Self-Winding Mechanism of Watches"
—>  A New Dictionary of Natural History; or, Compleat Universal Display of Animated Nature. With accurate representations of the most curious and beautiful animals, elegantly coloured
—>  A New Dictionary of the English and Italian Languages containing the whole vocabulary in general use with copious selections of scientific, technical and commercial terms and others lately brought into use with their pronunciation figured
—>  A New Form of Electrometer : 2 entries
—>  "A New Form of Position-Finder for Adaptation to Ship's Compasses"
—>  "A New Form of Right-Ascension Slow Motion for Equatorial Telescopes, Illustrated by the Driving Gear of the Cape Town Equatorial"
—>  A New French-English and English-French Dictionary Composed on a New Plan, compiled from the English dictionaries of Ogilvie, Worcester, Webster, Latham, Johnson, Cooley, etc.; and the French dictionaries of the "Academie", of Bescherelle, Littre, etc., a
—>  A New General and Algebraical Solution of the Higher Orders of Equations: with Solutions of Equations to the Tenth Degree inclusive
—>  A New General Theory of the Teeth of Wheels
—>  A new geographical, historical, and commercial grammar; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world
—>  A New German and English Dictionary
—>  A New Guidebook to The Heart of Oxford: With particular attention to the architecture and history of the academic centre through a walking tour of the area
—>  A New Handling of the Planisphere, divided into three sections
—>  A New History of Photography
—>  A New Introduction to Bibliography
—>  "A New Look at Old Linear Measures"
—>  A new manual of logarithms to seven places of decimals
—>  A New Medical Dictionary; or, General Repository of Physic. Containing an explanation of the terms, and a description of the various particulars relating to Anatomy, Physiology, Physics Surgery, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, etc. etc. etc. Each Article, accor
—>  A New Method for Discovering the Longitude both at Sea and Land, Humbly Proposed to the Consideration of the Publick
—>  A New Method of Chemistry; including the History, Theory, and Practice of the Art: Translated from the Original Latin of Dr Boerhaave's "Elementa Chemiae, as Published by Himself. To which are added, Notes; and an Appendix, shewing the Necessity and Utili
—>  "A new method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given latitude, without the assistance of Dialling Scales, or Logarithmic Calculations"
—>  "A new method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given latitude, without the assistance of Dialing Scales, or Logarithmic Calculations"
—>  A New Method of constructing Sun-Dials, for any given Latitude, without the Assistance of Dialling Scales or Logarithmic Calculations
—>  A New Method of finding the Longitude by an Altitude of the Moon, when Two, Three, or more Hours distant from the Meridian; independent of the Longitude by Account
—>  "A New Method of Handling Celloidin Sections in Bulk and X-Ray Control of Decalcification in the Histology of Bone"
—>  A New Method of Measuring Solids by Models and Instruments: to which is added, A Description of the Mechanical Part for the Improvement of Husbandry and Mining
—>  A New Method of Physick: or, a Short View of Paraclsus and Galen's Practice; In 3. Treatises I. Opening the Nature of Physick and Alchymy. II. Shewing what things are Requisite to a Physitian and Alchymist. III. Containing an Harmonical Systeme of Physick
—>  A New Method of Resolving Cubic Equations
—>  A New Method of Solving Equations with ease and expedition: by which the True Value of the Unknown Quantity is found without Previous Reduction. With a Supplement containing Two Other Methods of Solving Equations derived from the Same Principle
—>  "A new Method of Solving Numerical Equations of all Orders, by continuous Approximation"
—>  "A new model of Refractometer"
—>  A New School Geometry
—>  A New Series for the Rectification of the Ellipsis together with some Observations on the Evolution of the Formula (a2 + b2 - 2ab cosTH)n
—>  "A New Start for Oxford?"
—>  "A new suspension of the Magnetic Needle, intended for the Discovery of minute quantities of magnetic attraction; also an Air vane of great Sensibility, with new Experiments on the Magnetism of Iron filings and Brass"
—>  A New System of Chemical Philosophy
—>  A New System of Minerology, in the form of Catalogue, after the manner of Baron Born's Systematic Catalogue of the collection of fossils of Mlle Eleonore de Raab
—>  A new system of modern geography : or, a geographical, historical, and commercial grammar; and present state of the several kingdoms of the world
—>  A New Table of Right Ascensions and Declinations
—>  A New Theory of Acute and Slow Continu'd Fevers: Wherein Besides the Appearances of such, and the Manner of their Cure, occasionally, the Structure of the Glands, and the Manner and Laws of Secretion, the Operation of Purgative, Vomitive, and Mercurial Me
—>  A New Theory of Galvanism, supported by some Experiments and Observations made by means of the Calorimeter, a New Galvanic Instrument. Also, a New Mode of Decomposing Potash extenporaneously. Read before the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia
—>  A New Treatise of the Construction and Use of the Sector ...
—>  A New Treatise on Short Hand, on an Improved Plan: The Alphabet Consisting of Sixteen Characters Only: Being a Sufficient Instructor in that Art
—>  A new treatise on the use of the globes; : or a philosophical view of the earth and heavens
—>  A New Treatise on the Use of the Globes; Or, A Philosophical View of The Earth And Heavens
—>  A New Treatise, Proving a Multiplicity of Worlds. That the Planets are Regions Inhabited, and the Earth a Star, and that it is out of the Center of the World in the third Heaven, and turns round before the Sun which is fixed. And other most Rare and Curio
—>  "A New Type of Light-Source for Phase-Microscopy"
—>  A New Universal History of Arts and Sciences, shewing their Origin, Progress, Theory, Use and Practice, and exhibiting the Invention, Structure, Improvement, and Uses, of the most considerable Instruments, Engines, and Machines, with their Nature, Power,
—>  "A new universal sundial design"
—>  ''A New Visible World': Microscopical Correspondence of the Royal Society, 1666-1705'
—>  A New World: England's first view of America
—>  A New, Correct, and Complete Ready Reckoner; Containing a Variety of Extensive Calculations for the Accomodation and Assistance of Merchants and Tradesmen; Exhibiting at One View, the Amount of Any Number of Articles, or Quantity of Goods, From 1, up to 2
—>  "A Night Clock by Edward East"
—>  "A Notable Case of Finger-reckoning in America"
—>  "A note on a eudiometer supposed to have belonged to Henry Cavendish"
—>  "A Note on an Early Treatise on the Astrolabe"
—>  "A Note on Early Fossil Wood Sections from the Allen Thomson Collection"
—>  "A Note on H. G. J. Moseley in Manchester"
—>  A Note on History of Science as an Academic Subject
—>  "A Note on Mr. Ablett's Paper on the Angle of Contact between Paraffin Wax and Water"
—>  "A Note on the Astrolabe of Regiomontanus"
—>  "A note on the Astronomers of the Vecinho Family" [&] "A further note on the Astronomers of the Vecinho Family"
—>  "A Note on the Autobiographical Manuscripts of John Edward Gray (1800-1875)"
—>  "A note on the correspondence of Martin Folkes, P. R. S"
—>  "A Note on the Genesis of Coleridge's Thinking on War and Peace"
—>  "A Note on the Oil Fields Investigation under Military Government at Celle 1945-1947"
—>  "A Note on the Original Epitaphs to Thomas Sydenham"
—>  "A note on William Blake and John Hunter" : 2 entries
—>  "A Note relating to the Preservation of Negatives"
—>  "A Pair of Alchemical Ivory Figures"
—>  "A Pair of Fifteenth-Century Spectacle Frames from the City of London"
—>  "A Pair of Globes by Willem Blaeu"
—>  A panegyrick on the Newtonian philosophy : shewing the nature and dignity of the science ... : 2 entries
—>  A Paper and Resolutions in advocacy of the Establishment of a Uniform System of Meteorological Observations throughout the whole American Continent
—>  A Paper on the Shape of the Wheel-Teeth in the New Clock for the New Royal Exchange
—>  A Paper, on the Patent Azimuth and Steering Compass
—>  A Parallel of the Antient Architecture with the Modern in a Collection of Ten Principal Authors who have written upon the Five Orders. viz. Palladio and Scamozzi, Serlio and Vignola, D. Barbaro and Cataneo, L. B. Alberti and Viola, Bullant and de Lorme, C
—>  "A Peep into Herschel's Workshop"
—>  A Perpetual Calendar
—>  A Persian Translation of the Eleventh Century Arabic Alchemical Treatise 'ain as-san'ah wa'aun as-sana'ah
—>  "A Personal Appreciation of Professor Alexander Thom"
—>  "A Personal Note about my Late Father, Alexander Thom" and "The Career and Publications of Alexander Thom"
—>  A Philological Essay Concerning the Pygmies of the Ancients. A.D. 1699
—>  A philosophical account of the works of nature: : as founded upon a plan of the late Mr. Addison. Containing, I. The several gradations remarkable in the mineral, vegetable, and animal parts of the creation; tending to the composition of a scale of life.
—>  A Philosophical Dissertation on the Diving Vessel Projected by Mr Day, and Sunk in Plymouth Sound
—>  A Philosophicall Discourse concerning Speech, conformable to the Cartesian Principles, Dedicated to The Most Christian King
—>  "A Photographic Deetermination of the Proper Motion of 250 Stars in the Neighbourhood of S 443"
—>  A Physician in a Great City
—>  "A Physician's Collection of Pharmacy Jars"
—>  A Physico-Medical Essay Concerning the late frequency of Apoplexies. Together with a general Method of their Prevention, and Cure. In a Letter to a Physitian
—>  A Pictorial History of Chemistry
—>  A Pictorial History of Science and Engineering: The Story of Man's Technological and Scientific Progress from the Dawn of History to the Present, told in 1,000 pictures and 75,000 words
—>  A Picturesque View of the Principal Mountains of the World, in their respective proportions of height above the level of the sea
—>  "A Pioneer of the German Optical Industry: Ernst Leitz I - 150th Anniversary of his Birth"
—>  A Plain and Familiar Introduction to the Newtonian Experimental Philosophy : 3 entries
—>  A plain and familiar introduction to the Newtonian philosophy
—>  A plain and familiar introduction to the Newtonian philosophy, : in six sections illustrated by six copper plates
—>  A Plaine Discovery, of the Whole Revelation of S. John: set downe in two treatises: the one searching and proving the true interpretation thereof: the other applying the same paraphrasticallie and Historicallie to the text
—>  A Plan for observing the Meteors called fire-balls
—>  A planta do Funchal de Mateus Fernandes (c. 1570)
—>  "A Plea for aged and Decayed Typewriters"
—>  A Pocket Book Containing severall Choice Collections in Arithmetic, Navigation, Astronomy, Astrology, Geometry, Geography, Surveying, Measuring, Dialling, Gaugeing
—>  A Pocket-Microscope
—>  A poem on the late civil war
—>  "A Polperro Fishwife"
—>  A Popular Course of Pure and Mixed Mathematics, for the Use of Schools and Students, etc.
—>  A Popular Dictionary of Islam
—>  A popular grammar of the elements of astronomy : adapted to the use of students and public schools
—>  A Popular Handbook to the Microscope : 2 entries
—>  A Popular History of Astronomy during the Nineteenth Century : 2 entries
—>  A Popular History of Science
—>  A Popular Lecture on the Astronomy and Philosophy of Comets. In which, The Opinions of the Antients, and the Discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, Relative to those Bodies, are introduced and explained
—>  A Popular Sketch of Electro-Magnetism, or Electro-Dynamics; with plates of the most approved apparatus for illustrating the principal phenomena of the science, and outlines of the parent sciences Electricity and Magnetism : 2 entries
—>  A Portion of the Papers Relating to the Great Clock for the New Palace at Westminster
—>  "A Portrait of James Short, F.R.S., Attributable to Benjamin Wilson, F.R.S."
—>  "A Portrait-Painter Who Studied the Moon" : 2 entries
—>  A Portraiture of the Heavens, as they appear to the naked eye: constructed for the use of Students in Astronomy by ...
—>  A Portuguese chart of 1492 by Jorge Aguiar
—>  "A Possible Development of J. S. Haldane's Views on the Relation between Quantum Mechanics and Biology"
—>  A Practical Description of Every Form of Medico-Electric Apparatus in Modern Use with Plain Directions for Mounting, Charging, and Working
—>  A practical essay on chemical re-agents or tests : Illustrated by a series of experiments
—>  A practical introduction to medical electricity : with a compendium of electrical treatment translated from the French of Dr. Onimus
—>  A Practical Method for finding the Longitude and Latitude of a Ship at Sea, by Observations of the Moon; with General Rules for computing the same, illustrated by Examples. Together with all the necessary Tables, and their Explanations. To which are added
—>  A Practical Treatise of the Plague, and All Pestilential Infections that have happen'd in this Island for the last Century, Laying down the Rules and Methods then used by the most learned Physicians of those Times (as Butler, Atkins, Bate, Johnston, Fabri
—>  A Practical Treatise on Electric Lighting
—>  A practical treatise on gas-light: : exhibiting a summary description of the apparatus and machinery best calculated for illuminating streets, houses, and manufactories, with carburetted hydrogen, or coal-gas: with remarks on the utility, safety, and gene
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Stomach, and of Digestion; including the history and treatment of those affections of the Liver and Digestive Organs, which occur in persons who return from the East or West Indies; with Observations on Various
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Sliding Rule: In two parts
—>  A Practical Treatise on the Use of Portable Mathematical Instruments, in Various Parts of The Mathematics. To which is added, A Complete System of Land-Surveying
—>  A Practical Treatise on the use of the Microscope, including the Different Methods of Preparing and Examining Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Structures : 2 entries
—>  A Practical Treatise on the use of the Microscope, including the different methods of preparing and examining animal, vegetable, and mineral structures
—>  "A Pre-Columbian Map of the World, circa 1489"
—>  A Preliminary Guide to Apothecaries in Book Subscription Lists
—>  "A Preliminary Measurement of a Primary Gas-Grown Skin"
—>  A Previously Unnoticed Fragment of Chaucer's Treatise on the Astrolabe
—>  'A Problem of Provenance: A Technical Analysis of the Champlain Astrolabe'
—>  A Prognostication of Right Good effect, fruitfully augmented, contayning playne, briefe, pleasant, chosen rules, to iudge the wether for euer, by the Sunne, Moone, Sterres, Cometes, Raynebowe, Thunder, Cloudes, with other Extraordinarie tokens, not omitti
—>  "A Program toward Rediscovering the Rational Mechanics of the Age of Reason"
—>  A projeccao da nautica portuguesa quinhentista na Europa
—>  "A propos de l'alidade de Pierre Guillaume Martel"
—>  "A propos des premieres montres / Over de eerste horloges"
—>  A propos des tables astronomiques de Pierre d'Aragon
—>  A Propos d'une Traduction de L'Optique et de la Catoptrique D'Euclide
—>  "A Proposal for an Active Communication Satellite System based on Inclined Elliptic Orbits"
—>  A Proposal to Determine our Longitude
—>  A proposed explanation of the closed Indian Ocean on some Ptolemaic maps of the twelfth-fifteenth centuries
—>  A Publication of Surveying and Measuring ... Of Dialling
—>  "A Rainy-Day Heaven in Oxford"
—>  "A Rare Manuscript Adding to our Knowledge of the Work of Peter Artedi"
—>  A Rational Account of the Weather, shewing the Signs of its several Changes and Alterations, together with the Philosophical Reasons of them. Collected not only from Common Observations, but chiefly from some of the most approv'd Authors, the most celebra
—>  A Rational Account of the Weather. Shewing the Signs of its several Changes and Alterations, together with the Philosophical Reasons of them. Collected, not only from Common Observations, but chiefly from some of the most Approved Authors, the most Celebr
—>  A Rationale Upon the Book of Common-Prayer Of the Church of England
—>  "A Reconstruction of the Han Dynasty Calendar based on the Han Slips"
—>  A Record of Fires in Oxford A.D. 979 to 1870
—>  A Record of Graduates 1841-1981 : 2 entries
—>  "A recording transpirometer"
—>  "A Re-examination of the Michelson-Morley Experiment"
—>  "A Re-examination of the Stigmarian Problem"
—>  A Reference List of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliances Orthopaedic and Deformity Apparatus Hospital Furniture and Equipment Electro-Medical and Surgical Apparatus, etc.
—>  "A Reflective Sun-dial at Milcote Hall"
—>  A Regiment for the Sea, and other writings on navigation
—>  "A Regional Map of the Early XVIth Century"
—>  A Register of One of Mr. Mudge's Time-Keepers
—>  A Register of the going of Mr. Mudge's First Time-Keeper, from April the 18th, 1780, to May the 7th, 1781: with two other Registers of the same Time-piece
—>  "A Rejoinder to Professor Weismann"
—>  "A Relation of a Voyage made through a great part of Spain by Francis Willughby Esq; containing the chief Observables he met with there, collected out of his Notes"
—>  "A Remarkable Italian Astrolabe from ca. 1300 - Witness to an Ingenious Tradition of Non-standard Astrolabes"
—>  'A Renaissance Sun-Dial of the Oxford Collection Made by Father Hans Dorn'
—>  A Reply to a Critical and Monthly Reviewer, in which is inserted Euler's Demonstration of the Binomial Theoram
—>  A Reply to a Pamphlet entitled Observations on the First Chapter of a Book called Miscellanea Analytica
—>  A Reply to Mr Robins's Remarks on the Essay upon Distinct and Indistinct Vision published at the End of Dr Smith's Compleat System of Opticks
—>  A Reply to the Animadversions of the Edinburgh Reviewers, on some papers published in the Philosophical Transactions
—>  A Reply to the Answer of Dr Maskelyne, Astronomer Royal, to A Narrative of Facts, relating to some Time-Keepers constructed by Mr Thomas Mudge, for the Discovery of the Longitude at Sea, etc. To which is added A Short Explanation of the most proper method
—>  A Report containing an account of experiments made on board H. M. Ships Leven, Conway, and Griper, for correcting the local attraction of those vessels
—>  "A Report of the Proceedings of the Philosophical Society in Northampton, from its Institution, Nov. 11, 1743, to the general Meeting, Nov. 5, 1745" and "Explanation of the Dial, Fig. III"
—>  A Report of Work on the Protozoa of Lake Erie, with especial reference to the laws of their movements
—>  A Report on the Microscopic Objects found in Cholera Evacuations, etc.
—>  A report on the museums and art galleries of British Africa by Sir Henry A. Miers ... and S.F. Markham ... together with a report on the museums of Malta, Cyprus and Gibraltar by Alderman Chas. Squire and D.W. Herdman to the Carnegie Corporation of New Yo
—>  A Restitution of the Geometrical Treatise of Apollonius Pergaeus on Inclinations. Also the Theory of Gunnery; or the Doctrine of Projectiles in a Non-Resisting Medium
—>  "A Review of Crystallographic Microscopy"
—>  "A Review of the Medical Literature of the Dark Ages, with a New Text of about 1110"
—>  A Review of the Theory of the Earth, and of its Proofs: especially in reference to Scripture
—>  "A Revised Catalogue of Pre-Telescopic Galactic Novae and Supernovae"
—>  A Revision and Re-arrangement of the Constellations
—>  A Rhythmic Approach to Mathematics
—>  A Rich Closet of Physical Secrets, collected by the Elaborate paines of four severall Students in Physick, and digested together: viz. The Childbearers Cabinet. A Preservative against the Plague and small Pox. Physicall Experiments presented to our late Q
—>  "A riddle of history: Queen Elizabeth I and the Albertus Laski affair"

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