Other Terrestrial Astrolabes
While uncommon, terrestrial astrolabes do appear in other books of the period. In the 1512 edition of Reisch's Margarita philosophia, an astrolabic projection of the Ptolemaic world appears. This one, showing only the geography of Ptolemy, omits entirely the New World, and depicts a broad expanse of ocean where the Americas are located. Another terrestrial astrolabe appears in J. Focard's Paraphrase de L'astrolabe published in Lyons in 1546. This is a smaller, very well-engraved geographical astrolabe. The geographical plate of this astrolabe shows a North American continent attached to South America, but the geography is far less accurate than that found on contemporary maps.

Reisch's ptolemaic astrolabic projection
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Focard geographical astrolabe

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