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Wireless Wares

A selection of the items on display in the Wireless Wares exhibition

A small exhibition of Marconi memorabilia will be on show from 3 – 21 April. All the items on display will be auctioned in the Museum at 3pm on Saturday 21 April, ‘Marconi Day’. Find out more about the objects, and see images, using the links below. As well as the auction, there will be talks, activities and drama to mark Marconi Day in the centenary year of the sinking of the Titanic. View the programme of events…

Wireless Wares auction lots:

Lot 1: Cigarette Card, Guglielmo Marconi, 1901

Lot 2: Tea Card, Guglielmo Marconi, 1975

Lot 3: Three Marconi Italian Postage Stamps, 1938

Lot 4: Illustrated Article from The Strand Magazine, 1897

Lot 5: Phone Card, Guglielmo Marconi, late 20th century

Lot 6: Illustrated Article from The Sketch, March 1901

Lot 7: A Page from The Graphic, 11 January 1902, Illustrating Marconi’s First Trans-Atlantic Signal

Lot 8: A Page from the The Black and White Illustrated Budget, 11 January 1902, with Illustrations from the Site of Marconi’s Receiving Station

Lot 9: Multi-View Postcard of Chelmsford, c.1910

Lot 10: BT ‘Titanic’ Phone Card, c.1995

Lot 11: Marconi Galvanometer, mid-20th-Century

Lot 12: Marconi Advertisement from Punch, April 1926

Lot 13: H.E. Handcock, Wireless at Sea: the First Fifty Years (Chelmsford, 1950)

Lot 14: Vintage Photographic Print of Marconi Broadcasting on NBC during his last visit to the USA

There will be no reserve price on any of these items.