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Lot 4: Illustrated Article from The Strand Magazine, 1897

Illustrated Article from The Strand Magazine, 1897

‘An Interview with Signor Marconi’, by H.J.W. Dam: an 8-page article full of interest and information from the very early days of Marconi’s career. The author begins by offering his readers some introductory science: ‘The English language uses the word ether in two totally different senses ...’.

The interview with Marconi is fascinating, especially the young Marconi’s responses. Asked whether his waves are passing through hills, when they are detected on the other side from the transmitter, he says: ‘That is my present belief, but I do not wish to state it as a fact. I am not certain. ...’

Marconi talks about his demonstrations on Salisbury Plain and speculates on the resources that would be needed to send a message to New York, which he thinks will become possible. It will also be possible to explode gunpowder using a wireless signal, perhaps even the magazine of an ‘ironclad’ warship; the interviewer comments, ‘It is perhaps unnecessary to say that this statement was simply astounding.’