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Lot 6: Illustrated Article from The Sketch, March 1901

Illustrated Article from The Sketch, March 1901

The latest news of Marconi’s progress in wireless telegraphy, especially the use of his equipment on Royal Navy ships, allowing them to exchange signals over 80 or 90 miles, i.e. when beyond each other’s horizon.

Marconi has left England on a visit to America, whose object is ‘veiled in mystery’ – ‘Some of the papers have suggested that it is Mr. Marconi’s intention to try to bridge the Atlantic and ruin the cable companies.’

While The Strand Magazine article (item 4) describes Marconi as ‘a young Anglo-Italian’, according to The Sketch he is ‘the young Irish-Italian inventor’. This theme will be explored in our presentation on 21 April, ‘Who was Guglielmo Marconi?’