Paul Reinmann
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Paul Reinmann (or Paulus Reinmann) was the most prominent member of an influential family of instrument makers living near the centre of Nuremberg. He was born in about 1557 and was the son of the dial maker Hieronymus Reinmann. Both Hieronymus and Paul often used a crown as an identifying mark to sign their instruments.

Although primarily known as a maker of ivory diptych sundials, Paul Reinmann also made several brass gunner's levels and sights. The earliest known instrument made by him is dated 1575, the latest dates from 1608. Paul Reinmann's instruments display the highest level of Nuremberg craftsmanship at the end of the 16th century and are characterised by their excellent quality and finely engraved details. They were often embellished with gilt brass fittings and were evidently intended for a wealthy clientele. Paul Reinmann died on 1 January 1609.