The programme of events for Compass & Rule can be downloaded here [pdf]

Special Event

10/10 Circle
From morning to night, a whole day on the compass-inspired theme of ‘Circle’ – cyclical music to Stonehenge, circular railways to cyclotrons. Check the Museum website for the complete programme of talks, music, film, trails, workshops and tours.
18 July, 10am to 10pm


Wren and Drawing
Dr Anthony Geraghty, University of York
A leading authority on Christopher Wren, Dr Geraghty recently catalogued the Wren drawings at All Souls College, Oxford and is currently researching the history of the Sheldonian Theatre.
Tuesday 21 July, 7pm

Compass and Rule Revealed
Dr Anthony Gerbino, University of Oxford
Dr Gerbino is a curator of Compass and Rule and talks about the making of the exhibition.
Tuesday 18 August, 7pm

Architecture as Instrument
Dr Stephen Johnston, Museum of the History of Science
Dr Johnston discusses the surprising connections between mathematical instruments and architectural design.
Tuesday 1 September, 7pm

Walking Tours

Curator-led tours explore the themes of the exhibition among the buildings of Oxford, from the Museum to Merton College via the Sheldonian, Bodleian and Queen’s College. A fresh view of some of Oxford’s most dramatic architectural statements, intimate library interiors and artefacts.
(Duration: 1.5 hours)
Wednesday 22 July, 2pm
Wednesday 2 September, 2pm

Book on 01865 277280; cost £5

Table Talks

The Architecture of Print
Practical geometry and typography from Albrecht Dürer to Joseph Moxon
Stephen Johnston
Sunday 5 July, 2.30pm

Proportion in Design
The architectonic sector revealed.
Stephen Johnston
Sunday 6 September, 2.30pm

Family Friendly Events

Make a Book a Building
Make a very special book inspired by buildings, with folded columns and other bits and bobs.
A drop-in session suitable for children aged 7 upwards.
Saturday 27 June, 2-4 pm

Crazy Columns and Dodgy Domes
Discover the mathematical secrets of Renaissance architecture, how to build a dome and draw a perfect spiral.
Suitable for ages 9-13;
booking required
(call 018654 277297).
Saturday 25 July, 2-4pm

Anarchic Architecture
Be inspired by futuristic visions and make exciting sculpture out of card and other simple materials.
A drop-in session suitable for children aged 7 upwards.
Saturday 22 August, 2-4pm

Gallery Tours

Anthony Gerbino and Stephen Johnston provide a curator’s guide to the exhibition.
Saturday 27 June, 2pm
Wednesday 15 July, 2.30pm
Wednesday 12 August, 2.30pm
Saturday 29 August, 2pm

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