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KS3 to Post-16

The Museum presents a world-class collection of historic scientific instruments relating to astronomy, time, electricity, chemistry, medicine, photography, microscopy, mathematics, early radio and more. The education programme focuses on using the collection to enrich classroom learning across the curriculum, to encourage curiosity and discovery, and to support life-long learning.

Secondary and post-16 sessions are:

For more information about facilities and arrangments for visits, please see http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/education/visit/ [1].

For enquiries and bookings, please email: secondary+post16@mhs.ox.ac.uk [2]

For a summary information about the programme, please see MHS Secondary programme leaflet [pdf] [3]

Back from the Dead: Demystifying Penicillin

Back from the Dead is a special exhibition about the story of pencillin and antibiotics which opens on 4th November. The programme includes workshops and study days for schools including science-art workshops inspired by the work of artisit Anna Dumitriu.

For the Schools’ Programme see  bftd-school-flyera5_v7 [4]

For Study days see here [5]

Art [6]

Leonardo drawing technique with Camera Obscura [6]

History [9]

Teaching history through a globe [9]

Mathematics [10]

Part of a Folding square [10]

Science [11]

Micrographia illustration [11]

Religious Studies [12]

Astrolabe-Quadrant, by Ahmad al-Ayyûbî' [12]

Learning Resources [13]

A demonstration of the armillary sphere [13]

Study Days [5]

Secondary school microscope session [5]