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Small image of astrolabe rete separated from astrolabe. Click to enlarge.
Date late 19th century
Place North Africa
Material Brass
Inventory no. 47714
Acquisition Presented by Lewis Evans in 1924
The rete is of the indicator-line (simple) type. This rete has four knobs used for rotating it. Each star pointer has a small silver rivet at its base..The zodiac on the rete is labelled: حمل , ثور , جوزا , سرطان , اسد , سنبله , ميزان , عقرب , قوس , جدي , دلو , حوت


The rete is inscribed
Transcription Translation Notes Type
PATENT This was punched into the back of the rete. Earlier catalogue entry states that this indicates that the rete was cut from a piece of brass formerly used for something else. Miscellaneous


There are 19 stars on the rete marked with dagger pointers. Unless otherwise indicated the star name, mediation and declination are as marked/measured on the rete.
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Star name
(on instrument)
Modern star
(if known)
Mediation Declination Pointer
ذنب قيطوس Deneb Kaitos 14.0° of Aries -13° flamant
الدبران Aldebaran 7.0° of Gemini 16° flamant
عيوق Capella 11.0° of Gemini 48° flamant
قدم الجوزا Rigel 11.0° of Gemini -9° flamant
عيوق Capella 11.0° of Gemini 48° flamant
عبور Sirius 6.0° of Cancer -12° flamant
يد الدب Muscida 26.0° of Cancer 61° flamant
زبانا السرطان Acubens 4.0° of Leo 14° flamant
سجاع Alphard 13.0° of Leo -7° flamant
اعزل Spica 18.0° of Libra -11° flamant
رامح Arcturus 4.0° of Scorpio 23° flamant
فكه Alphecca 22.0° of Scorpio 24° flamant
قلب العقرب Antares 7.0° of Sagittarius -23° flamant
حوا Rasalhague 21.0° of Sagittarius 13° flamant
واقع Vega 7.0° of Capricorn 39° flamant
طاير Altair 23.0° of Capricorn flamant
ردف Deneb 8.0° of Aquarius 45° flamant
ذنب الجدي Deneb Algiedi 14.0° of Aquarius -18° flamant
فرس Scheat 7.0° of Pisces 32° flamant

Nut & Bolt

The rete is attached using a nut & bolt. Round-headed bolt and nut..
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