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To navigate this site, use the sidebar on the left. This site is structured into six basic sections, three of which (catalogue, browse and results) are different forms of access to the collection catalogue itself. The site structure is as follows:

  1. Catalogue: This displays the individual catalogue entries with photographs. See the Catalogue section below for further details.
  2. Browse: This shows an overview of the collection catalogue and links to individual catalogue entries. It can be sorted by the following categories: Heading, Date, Maker, Place, Materials, Inventory Number. It can display 20, 50, 100, 200 or all entries at a time; the default setting is 20.
  3. Search: provides simple and advanced search options to the collection catalogue.
    • Results: lists results of search options as links to individual catalogue entries.
  4. History: the historical background of the Marconi and the early history of wireless communication including the life of Guglielmo Marconi, the early history of radio and the early history of the Marconi Company.
  5. Glossary: assorted technical and non-technical terminology used in the early history of radio.
  6. Help: Further information about site navigation and catalogue functionality.

Catalogue page

The catalogue page is divided into four sub-sections:

  1. Basic: Basic catalogue details listed are: Heading, Thumbnail Images, Inventory Number, Date, Maker Details, Inscription, Size, Materials, Other Given Number(s), Notes.
  2. Medium Images: Catalogue details listed are: Heading, Inventory Number. All images featuring the object are shown, categorised as single object image(s) and multiple object image(s), where appropriate.
  3. Large Images: Catalogue details listed are: Heading, Inventory Number. Individual images (in large size) featuring the object are shown. Images can be navigated by using the 'previous image' or 'next image' link, as appropriate. Each image is classified as x of y images shown. If an image features multiple objects, links to the other objects are listed below the image.
  4. Documents: Catalogue details listed are: Heading, Inventory Number. All documents associated with an object are listed in full. The number of documents for each object are listed in the tab navigation bar shown below.

These sections can be navigated using the tabbed navigation section in the catalogue page, as shown below.

Tabbed Navigation bar

Further Assistance

If you have have any technical problems while viewing this website please email