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Biblical Criticism: Index

69 Maps from Walter Ralegh
The Historie of the World in Five Books
70 Henry Ainsworth
Annotations Upon the First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
[Amsterdam], 1616
71 Westminster Assembly of Divines
Annotations Upon All the Books of the Old and New Testament
2nd edition, 2 vols, London, 1651
72 Theodore Haak (trans.)
The Dutch Annotations Upon the Whole Bible
2 vols, London, 1657
73 Brian Walton (ed.)
Biblia sacra polyglotta
6 vols, London, 165357
74 Johannes Buxtorf the elder
Tiberias sive commentarius Masorethicus
Basel, 1620
75 Brian Walton
Introductio ad lectionem linguarum orientalium
2nd edition, London, 1655
76 John Owen
Of the Divine Originall, Authority, Self-Evidencing Light, and Power of the Scriptures
Oxford, 1659
77 Brian Walton
The Considerator Considered
London, 1659
78 Christian Ravis
A Discourse of the Oriental Tongues
London, 1648
79 Arnold Boate
De textus hebraici veteris testamenti certitudine
Paris, 1650
80 By William Fletcher
Portrait of James Ussher
81 James Ussher
The Annals of the World
London, 1658
82 By P. du Bosc
Portrait of Samuel Bochart
83 Samuel Bochart
Geographiae sacrae pars prior
Caen, 1646
84 Isaac La Peyrère
Men Before Adam
London, 165556
85 Georg Horn
Arca Noae sive historia imperiorum et regnorum
Leiden, 1666
86 Marmaduke Carver
A Discourse of the Terrestrial Paradise
London, 1666

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