The Oxford Science Walk takes you to some of the most important and interesting historic scientific sites in Oxford, from the time of the founding of the University in the 13th century and the work of Friar Bacon to advancements in modern science such as the development of penicillin. The flowering of science in Oxford is traced through the work of such people as Robert Boyle (of Boyle's Law), Edmond Halley (of Halley's comet), Stephen Hawking (an Oxford undergraduate), and Dorothy Hodgkin (discoverer of the structure of Vitamin B12).

To navigate around the Oxford sites, either click on their location on the map opposite, select them from the list of contents at the top of the page, or proceed along the route in order by choosing the next place of interest with the menu bar below.

For those who plan to visit the city and want to explore the route in person, the walk is also available in printed form as an illustrated booklet - for full details see Credits and Ordering Information.